Good enough

In my hometown I’m good enough. But not in my own town, where I happen to live. Did the hillbillies get to me? Am I to much a workers girl? Perhaps I am, being a workers child. Grown up in a town full of workers. I never fit in Stockholm. I could only get a real job for immigrants, not Swedes. Not good enough for the Swedish schools in a real job, just a temp at ta temp agency here in Stockholm. I am not good enough for Stockholm. I never was, I never will be. This my partner doesn’t seem to understand. I am a workers girl, I belong in a workers town. Perhaps in my old school. With my best teacher’s job. Perhaps. I don’t know yet. Depends on the salary. I have 35000kr to compare with… I know I have to expect a big drop on salary in my hometown. It is a town with low salaries. But then again. A house is cheaper than my attached house in Stockholm over there. There I have enormous possibilies to hire cheap staff, right out of campus. I also have really cheap premises to rent. I have contacts there. A lot. I have a really big family. Well, I don’t know why I really live here anymore. Why? My partner did promise me our kid wasn’t going to grow up in Stockholm. I mean, being this close to all bad neighbourhoods is so bad for a teenager. Want to move before that. I also believe it’s easier to move now, when the kid is younger. It is easier to get new friends. My partner suggests I commute. Fuck no. I want at least an apartment there. Now it’s up to the salary, because if it is too low… I fucking just cannot move. I wouldn’t be able to pay all the extra cost’s. Apartments are not always cheap. A 2 room and kitchen cost’s 6500 SEK in my old neighbourhood. It is pretty close to the work place, so that area would work. My partner’s two brothers live there. Hehe. Well. The bad thing about the apartments are that you hear the neighbours. When you live in a house, you get use to the calmness of a house. No noise indoors from wall-to-wall-sounds. I don’t like noise.



My partner finally got a salary that I think is okay. Being a good employee my partner finally got what I call a normal average salary. A salary that can sustain a person in Stockholm. However, when I worked within a similar field I got more, just saying. Hehe. I was just a extra worker from a temp agency, but still got paid more. Perhaps I have more value? Hubris. Well, anyway, I am glad the paycheck has finally gotten up, but I still think my partner should do a work rotation, so get would get into the higher salary segments. However my partner might have a plan there, but I will nag and nag and nag. That I can do. I want it to do a work rotation to the better paycheck’s department. But I am glad it finally got a okay salary, considering the drop down it had to do when taking that job.

I am not complaining about my work. I ain’t working. Or well, I am working, but for free, on my job training. I had a great week actually. I didn’t know there was such a difference working with older kids compared to younger kids. Not as much disciplining to do really. They are also like young adults, however not all, only those over 18. I wonder what it will be like to teach them? I have gotten my own classes finally. I need to plan them and do them. I am already chosing materials for those lectures.

It was fun being with the gamer coach today. The game coach is pretty nice dude. If I was 10 years younger, single and so he would surely be someone to hitch on to, as a friend. I like seeing him working with the teenagers. We had a long talk about gaming and all things surrounding that and life really. The game coach is an interesting individual really. I will talk about IT with them later on. About those things they never seen or done, but I have. Connected to gaming, but in another field. The other classes today are working with Garageband. I still haven’t taken my lend computer home with me, will do that tomorrow. I will work from that one. I have to download stuff for it, i.e. Garageband. That I need to do myself. I will do that. I understand the software, it is pretty easy to use really. Apple should make them for PC to.