I will get a job offer in my hometown. I already got one last week, but it was just til Christmas, so I said no. I need a full-year to give up the other one I have in Stockholm. So depending on the salary, I will see what they say. I need an apartment too. My friend said I could stay at their house. I will however rather live at my sibling. There was a nice house for sale outside town that I could have bought. It wasn’t that expensive either. But first I need a job offer with a good salary. I also need a full-year.

Disorganised paper work

I got my schedule, but I do not seem to be able to find it. I am not totally satisfied with myself. If I do not follow routines it can get like this. I was busy when coming how the other day last week. I seem to have displaced some papers. The schedule was one of those things. IO need to be organised and place the papers were they are supposed to be. Otherwise it get like this. It is time consuming. Sometimes it can even cost money, when you need duplicated. My exam papers have arrived on one of my exams. Waiting for the other one. After that I have three university exams. I am pleased.

I also gotten some kind of job offer. I will get to know salary and such later on. I am working now, so it will be in the end of July. Then they are going to offer me what salary and such. We’ll just have to see what happens. Right now I have to work all summer. This week included. However next week I said no. I am taking time off. I think I have been such a good unemployed that I am satified with my effort. One real job offer from 350 applications. I do not know if I have attended 7 or more interviews. But I think I should be satisfied. Every 50:th application has resulted in an interview. I aslo have a temp job assignment, that means if I am free I can be on call. So 2 jobs I have gotten, but one is full-time. I will have to travel far. I have done that before. But when I have gotten the experience I could go on to the next I guess.

I had to take a lower qualified job offer. It is my last occupation, that I had prior to working in a an academic work place. I do not mind, the salary is okey. It is thousends more than a-kassa (unemployment insurance). This is a big employer, who knows what other changes might turn up?