I will get a job offer in my hometown. I already got one last week, but it was just til Christmas, so I said no. I need a full-year to give up the other one I have in Stockholm. So depending on the salary, I will see what they say. I need an apartment too. My friend said I could stay at their house. I will however rather live at my sibling. There was a nice house for sale outside town that I could have bought. It wasn’t that expensive either. But first I need a job offer with a good salary. I also need a full-year.

Now I have applied for jobs in bulk

I have applied and applied and applied for jobs. Not just for me, but my partner to. Almost up to the same amount for my partner as me, but still not there. I have applied in all my educations. I need a higher salary. My partner needs a employer than can pay my partners salary. So I have gotten tired of bad economy the last months, so now I have set off to get a fucking well-paid job. Should it be so difficult? A job that doesn’t hurt my back. A job that pays the salaries as they should. Should that be so much to ask for?

It is so extremly boring to apply for jobs, so I have done it in bulk. Same type of job, same type of letter. In bulk. Many jobs. Hope some give interviews. I hope my applications land in interviews for my partner. A better paid job would be nice. A better economy.