Life notes

On this sheet I am hoping to put some thoughts about life when ever I feel like it. All have been written by me of course. I may have been influenced by the world, but not taken anything in these from others by purpose. I have also changed or added some famous quotes i.e. from the Bible. I do not live in a box and I am not isolated, so that means that I can have been affected by the world. Humans are considered social beings, even if you live as a hermit you have been brought up by someone for a while and therefore been influenced. Do you want to quote me, for non commercial purposes, from this Life note page? The other pages you are not allowed to copy on this site, without written permission for any purposes. If you quote me, just quote a little bit, then write “quote of Human Life at”. Thanks. I also want you to send me a comment, with your contact information, so I know you’ve done it and where you’ve done it and why. Thanks. For commercial purposes you do not have permission to quote.

“As we are living today, we need more planets to sustain.”

“Ask yourself for forgiveness for all your sins and you shall be forgiven”.

“In the parents, childs and holy ghosts name.” – A new equal christianity.

“In the mother, daughter and holy ghosts name.” – A feminine version at the baptism in christianity.

“You are the center of the universe in your part of the universe, if anyone asks if you are the center of the universe.”

“You can change the thought on everyone you meet just by being you.”

“You can start a chain reaction with every person you meet. So what ripples do you want to start in the universe?”

“The poor are not in debt to the rich, it´s the other way around.”

“Being rich is being greedy.”

“With richness an unwelcome guest named greed comes hand in hand.”

“Money rules the world, so why not make common man rule the money and not the top segment of the rich?”

“Imagine you are the smartest person alive. Now when you are the smartest person alive. What would you do? Change the world?”

“You can change the world first by changing yourself. Start with your change, then others can follow.”

“I am not just a bystander, I am a driver.”

“In an absolute democracy the majority are ruling, not the other way around.”

“Freedom is not something we have, it’s something we need to fight for.”

“I am not God’s best child, but I try to be fair.”

“Sometimes I am wrong. Sometimes I am right.”

“Everyone is entitled to an opinion, no matter young or old, smart or stupid.”

“If you don’t ask me, you’ll never know.”

“A question thought but never told or written, was never a question for anyone else but you, or was it?”

“So what if I am stupid? If I choose to be stupid I have to love it.”

“Sometimes I am pretty stupid, I agree.”

“Sometimes I am bad, but most of the time I am nice.”

“In my dream world everyone is a valuable puzzle. Everyone is needed. Even though I think this way it does not mean that I have to love every act you all make, I even have the right to dislike your behavior.”

“Should I be me today, or should I be MS/MR Nice?”

“Thinking is overrated. Instinct is underestimated.”

“To be employed or unemployed, that is the question.”

“Si est aliquid quod non ignoras, si pati potestis adhuc” (If there is something you don’t know that you do not know, you can still suffer from it)

“Dina sinnen samverkar till din magkänsla. Din magkänsla kan berätta mer ledtrådar om rätt och fel än ditt intellektuella tänkande. Lyssna på din magkänsla. (Your senses interact to your gut feeling. Your gut feeling may tell you more clues about right and wrong than your intellectual thinking. Listen to your gut feeling.)”

“Att tro sig veta allt är att veta inget.” (To believe you know everything is not knowing at all.)

“Det är ditt liv, det är dina val.” (It’s your life, it’s your choices.)

“I am a somebody, even though I am not famous.”

“You cannot be a nobody unless you think you are. Everyone is a somebody and can affect another persons feelings. The easiest way is to try smiling nicely towards another person. Even if the person doesn’t smile back at you, you still effected their mind with your smile.”

“I am perfectly imperfect and that makes me just perfect.”

“En del lider med livet. Andra njuter av livet. En del skiter i livet. Andra förstör livet. Vad gör du?”

“Jämlikhet rör mer än bara könsfrågor. Jämlikhet berör kön, DNA, ursprung, utseende, kläder, språk och ekonomiska tillgångar. Eftersom vi inte kan vara kloner i DNA, se likadana ut, ha likadana hus, ha samma yrke, samma lön osv så kan vi aldrig bli riktigt jämlika. Däremot kan vi eftersträva att ge den som väljer ett yrke få samma lön som andra med samma utbildning och erfarenhet. Vi kan ge alla med samma startpunkt samma chans, oavsett deras kön, deras ursprung, utseende, kläder, språk och ekonomiska tillgångar. Då kan vårt samhälle bli mer jämlikt. På det viset får alla åtminstone samma chans. Idag är vi inte jämlika, bara ett steg på vägen. Vi har många steg kvar.”

“Länder som tror de är världsbäst är världssämst.” (Countries that think they are the best are the worst.)

“Ingen får något gjort för alla är upptagna med att göra allt annat.” (Nobody gets anything done since everyone is busy doing something else.)

“De flesta kan göra de mesta.”

“Oordning och oreda ingen lön på fredag. Ordning och reda massor av lön på fredag!”

“The truth lasts for ever, lies don’t.”

“If you are a male with your own dick between your legs it is more likely that you can have a career and get a higher salary than most women in the world, no matter how stupid you are.”

“The world is grey, not black and white.”

“Life is an art project and you are its designer.”

“There are no bugs in the system, just accidental inventions.”

“First there was you, then there was me, no or was it the other way around? Who really cares what came first?”

“Games are just amusement and time-consuming, but let’s play anyway.”

“Can you really know, or is nothing really a fact, when everything comes around?”

“Reality check: Check that you are really alive. Find a method for it. But even if you find a method for checking it. Is the checking method real? What is real? Are you real? Are you mind, body and spirit, or are you energy? Can you really know what you are? Do you even exist in the form you think?”

“God – what is God?”

“Humans wrote the religious books. So how do we know it (the writing of the books) was a act of God? Can the writers prove God wanted them to write the books? What is an act of God? What is a God? How would you know it was God who wanted the writers to write the books? Is there even a God? If we say there is a God. Would God ask us to write? What would a God ask us to write? Would we get it right? If there was a God, who asked us to write the religious books, how would we interpret them? Would you interpret the scriptures right?”

“Imagine there was an instruction manual how to read the religious scriptures. What if that instruction manual got lost?”

“What if the religious books really weren’t religious books, but fairy tales that mommy’s and daddy’s read for fun?”

“What if someone knew the answers to 42. What would you ask?”

“If you meet a challenging person, how do you usually act? Do you speak your mind, run away,  ignore, listen, cry, smile, ask for help, fake interest, talk shit behind the persons back or what? How do you feel afterwards?”

“Imagine. So what did you imagine?”

“Do you want to be the one? Are you not already the one? What is “to be the one”? We are all the one.”

“Your truth doesn’t  need to be the real truth. The real truth is always the truth, whether you know it or not, that is the question.”

“Vad jag tycker idag, behöver jag inte tycka imorgon.” (“My opinion today, doesn’t need to be my opinion tomorrow.”)

“Jag är jag. Frågan är bara: vem är jag? Du är du. Frågan är bara: vem är du?” (“I am me. The question, however, is: who am I? You are you. The question, however, is: who are you?”)

“Somliga går i vindens riktning. En del går i motsatt riktning mot vinden. Andra trotsar vinden. En del lurar vinden. En del hoppar över vinden. En del ser aldrig vinden. Andra lever för vinden. Frågan är, vem är vinden?” (Cannot really be translated, since the meaning of the words has many meanings in Swedish, that the words don’t have in other languages, so the meaning gets lost in translation.)

“Love and forgive, don’t hate.”

“Dagens sanning, imorgondagens lögn.”(Today’s truth, tomorrow’s lies)

“Att förändra kräver mod. Att förändra kräver eftertanke. Att förändra kan vara obekvämt. Att förändra kan uppröra. Att förändra kan skapa ordning. Att förändra kan skapa kaos. Att förändra kan vara det du måste göra. Att förändra behöver inte alltid ligga i linje med din vilja. Att förändra behöver inte ligga i linje med andras vilja. Att förändra behöver inte ge dig kontroll. Att förändra kan skapa bieffekter. Att förändra kan vara ett måste. Att förändra kan ibland vara fel beslut. Att förändra har inte bara en sida. Att förändra kan skapa friktion. Att skapa förändring behöver inte leda till framgång. Att förändra kan göra dig till en martyr. Att förändra kan göra dig till en hjälte. Har du förändrat något genom att hjälpa andra?”

“Du kan väva in historia i fiktion och på ett intresseväckande sätt kan du få folk att lära sig av historien. Ett sätt är att måla in berättelser i bilder, som exempelvis en simpel Google Doodle. Genom att associera, leta fakta kan du plocka in element och berätta om saker ur olika perspektiv. På så sätt synliggörs skillnader och likheter. Analysen av bilden är inte i fokus, men med rätt narrativ känns det som om den är det. Att analysera bilder ur detta perspektiv kan göra historien mer intressant och mångkulturell, ett alternativt sätt att berätta.”

“Det du tänker idag, tänker du inte imorgon. Ingen tanke är den andra lik, varken mentalt eller fysiskt. Kanske hävdar du att tanken är densamma, men du har inga bevis för att jag har fel. Tiden gör att tanken inte kan vara densamma.”

“With every lie there is also truth.”

“Don’t follow the stream, follow your heart.”

“Your mind plays tricks on you, try to trick your mind.”

“Just because someone doesn’t have a answer to a question, it doesn’t mean they really didn’t have a answer, perhaps they just didn’t want to reply.”

“Intelligence tests are stupid, real intelligence cannot be measured.”

“History repeats in the present. We can learn, so we don’t continue making the same mistakes on repeat.”

“When does fiction turn into true?”

“Are the unborn just fiction? What makes the unborn real? There’s a fine line between fiction and the real. So if I say that is “pure fiction”, does that mean it won’t be real? Fiction today, might be reality tomorrow.”

“It’s so lovely to share opinions, even if other’s hate them.”

“Christmas gift of the year, privacy strip included in all technology, for free, totally, so strip away all that privacy, finally. So, now you can say bye, bye privacy.”

“Internet is on drugs. It’s addicted. Let’s detox Internet. Let us forbid drugs online.”

“Internet is on drugs. Detox Internet.”

“You and me both matter. That’s a promise. I exercise my rights, do you?”

“Internet is on drugs, infected by parasites and is promiscuous, half-naked, having unprotected one night stands with all genders and species you can think of & all your children can see.” (This is Internet, not a person if you don’t understand).

“Rökning är en samhällstortyr som tvingas upp på mig och andra som inte vill utsättas för rökning.”

“A career that never was, can never be over.”

“Who and why did someone invent the word career? It was invented by someone that made a sick joke, needing someone to say they are something else than a human being.”

“You don’t need a career to be a human being, you can be a human being at anytime.”

“Jesus only needed a women and God’s will, according to the Bible. That means a human males sperm wasn’t needed in the creation of Jesus.”

“Jesus was not without sin, since Jesus didn’t cast a stone.”

“Humans usually grow with the help of a womb, even those that grow outside still need a womb. Women are needed in the creation of humans. There is yet, 2017, no invitro humans that can grow without wombs. What does that say about men? They need women to populate.”

“God can create from anything, but human minds are bound to the flesh within the body realm, therefore scriptures are in allegory at times, just to make it comprehensive for the body realm.”

“God didn’t need Adam to create Eve. Adam and Eve is just a story and that we all should come from those two is false, since then we would be genetically screwed and our spieces would have died out. The real story is to complex for you humans to understand. The story is just a story, a allegory, a description of Eden. Real Eden you wouldn’t understand, the laws of nature are different in Eden. Adam and Eve are different from you. You are a being of body realm.You need simplified scenarios to understand. Scriptures are simplified stories in cultures. ”

“Fattism means discrimination of the poor. Poor people and poverty is discriminated all over this planet, in all systems and companies.”

“Do you want to be one of them? The person asked. I answered: Truthfully? No.”

“Why should people that try to be more kind and honest change for the world? The world premiers people who are mostly dishonest and lie. A lie is easier told than the truth,  the truth might even be hidden for you in this realm.”

“Imagine that you one day woke up by an unreal force. Imagine that force asking you to understand you are God. What would you do? Then ask yourself: Why? (To what ever you would do).”

“Imagine getting to know that you are God. Then imagine this: What if God never wanted to be God? What if it’s impossible to abdicate as God? God is then a prisoner for life. Not to fun to be God now, is it?”

“So if you know now you are God. Would you simply try to ignore being God?”

“What if God programmed the world, so it’s on auto pilot, so God just can imagine being a regular person?”

“What if we are just God’s amuzement and advanced avatars in a game programmed by God? What if? How would you feel knowing that?”

“The bible says that we are all the children of God. What if we are, incapsulated in God?”

“Let’s pretend we are all God’s children and incapsulated into God. The questions is then, what is God? The whole universe? What is the whole universe? If not the whole universe, then what is God? Where are the boarders?”

“Can your body realm even understand the whole universe as a limit? Perhaps you can imagine. Well. Pretend you are God and you created the whole universe, would you still want to be God? Is it still appealing? Would you try owning it all, or would you give everything away, now when you are that rich and can do anything… Remember God doesn’t need hubris. So what choice would be an act of God?”

“Mycket fiktion kan vi få genom att leta genom nätet med håv.”

“If you take my stuff and remake it on purpose, I put a death spell on you. Good luck with that. To be safe, never work with my stuff unless I told you to work on it. I am the only one that is allowed to work with my stuff. Fuck off my stuff online. Don’t get inspired by using my content.”

“Love is overestimated and caring is underestimated.”

All quotes above have been written by Living Forum, 

All content here is copyright protected. Allt material på denna sida är upphovsrättsskyddad. Jag är svensk medborgare. I am a Swedish citizen. I apply to Swedish law. Jag lyder enligt svensk lag. You have NO permission to use any of my content. Du har inte tillstånd att använda mitt material till ett skit. Fuck you! Skit på dig!





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