All materials on this complete site (all pages included),, are protected by copyright laws. If sources are available to articles, they are given. If no sources are given, the materials copyright belongs to You are not allowed to use any of my materials. You are not allowed to copy any parts from my texts, poems, lyrics, art, photo’s, video’s(video’s from my own YouTube channel) or other material. You are free to read them here, but nowhere else.

In order to critic, analyse and such and the original link isn’t available I do printscreens, just to be able to explain the analysis. This is in educational favour so that the readers may understand the topic in question. Analysis and critic are important to visualise different aspects of things, so there can be change, or understanding for a topic.

Material may not copied without written consent, handwritten! Ask permission!

Disclaimer: – No Copyright Infringement Intended – I do not own the sound tracks used in videos linked to other sites. No profit will be made whatsoever. All rights to the sound tracks belong to its respectful owners. The videos are used for entertainment purposes only.

If you want to say something, then write a comment. If you have suggestions, write a comment on a blog post with open commentary(otherwise use the contact form). Changes can always be made. Nobody is perfect, not even you.

Don’t reblog my posts, thanks. Don’t copy me. Leave my words to me. I don’t want to be copied you see. Use your own words, that is much better you see. I hate people that steal my ideas, unless I said you could and mostly you cannot if I don’t say you can in the text in the blog post in question.

Best regards,

Human Life,

Living Forum,


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