Tesla… my next car?

Possible it might be. When and if we ever need a second car it will be a electric car. Tesla has just gotten model 3 out on the market. That car costs 360 000 SEK and a used model will be possible to buy in the future, when it’s time for us. We already have electric for electric car in the garage…useless but true. But no electric car… no money for such things yet. But perhaps in the future. Then my partner will get the new car. But right now? No, no money for a new car. But it is fun to read the news and see that they are making models in a better price range for regular workers like us.

Interesting premonition

I am guessing my premonition a couple of days back could have been a wind mill with the white truck (the back of the truck is white, the front is blue) in todays paper.  It was like something falling, that could definitely been the noise of a transport gone wrong. A transport of a wind mill broke loose and hit a truck driver. The place also looks like my dream. Interesting.

Wind mills puts a light on environmentally friendly renewable energy sources. However MAN is not a electric car and I’m guessing it doesn’t use renewable non fossils fuels either.  Smaller trucks have this option, but larger? Hmm… they need to create?