Film – Split

Have been watching film. Split. Arrival. Space between us. A cure for wellness. Here Alone. Pretty much sums some movies I watched lately. I have also been twice at the movies. I made a review of Ape-calypse, but not the Mumy, it wasn’t good enough… would had been a bad grade, no use in giving that… On top of this I have also watched some older movies(a couple of years old). But TV? No, no TV really. Just movies. I really liked the movie Split. It is boring in the beginning, but then it sets off. It’s horror or thriller. Haven’t decided with genre I want to place it in. I think it was a good movie and I think the lead character is played pretty good. The film reveals step by step. Not a expected ending. Perhaps I will write another review. But if any of the above? Haven’t decided yet.


Well, now you can review my movie review about the War for the Planet of the Apes at IMDb.

I didn’t put in the modern reference of who the Nazi leader could be referencing too in my review. But in the movie they have donkeys, they are ruled by the American “Nazi”-look-a-like-leader in the movie. So Trump’s party has the symbol donkey. What is Hollywood saying? Is Hollywood saying that the Nazi leads the donkey? Who is the nazi? Can Hollywood mean Putin, or someone else? Or is it Donald that is portrayd as a Nazi ruling the donkey party? Just wondering. Either way, the democrats are portrayed as ruled by the Nazi.