Google doodle – Juno interpretation – analysis

Con gratulation from a diversified Google team. The team has both boys and girls and different hair colors and colors of skin. They have same colors in clothes, but differently set up, like a sort of uniform, where you can choose from different combinations. They still feel unified, even though they can be unique. The Google team is running the controls. The Juno is sending a message that everything is successful, party on and photo’s flashing(taking). Juno is in action, spinning around, hovering the planet Jupiter, the Jupiter has gotten brown and blue stripes, with some differences in nuances. The sky is black and we can see some stars in the background, Juno is out in space. The letters GO before the Juno, then GLE. So it can be Go spin the message GLE. We can change spin to twist also, which in the end can be change, process or turn also. So the message this time seems to be clapping hands, party cone symbol from emojis and a camera with a flashlight. Giving something flashlight can be to put a light on something, to brighten it up. To put someone in the spotlight. That can mean to highlight a message, or something like that. In this case it is Jupiter that is the planet. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. So perhaps spin the most important message could be synonym to largest. That means, not taking on everything, just choosing what messages to process. Since it is a planet, a message and a process, as well as turn, then it can be to change the messages out in space (can be seen as the Internet space as well), to turn this world around, away from a brown, non green looking planet, which is the largest goal we have right now – to turn our planet so it gets healthy and all green. Even though it is Jupiter, it is still a brown and blue planet. Our planet is walking that path right now… we are not in symbiosis with our echo system, we have put a spin on things and really, what we have done is to create a upside down world, unbalanced, just as the wheel is turning. This we need to put a spotlight on, messages of importance (large scale, like the large planet) are those that we should be putting our focus on really. Those messages are the ones that are worthy to be in focus. But it isn’t enough to get the message there, someone needs to listen. Here it is the Google team. They have their headphones on. They are interested and listening, they really enjoy the message. The message they want to cheer is a successful message, a message that can make people cheer. Putting the message in a speech bubble is like giving a speech, or a cartoon, or a series of images. In this case good news about turning this planet around. The message is put on display in the control room, so the message comes through from space. Since it is a speech bubble and not a thinking bubble, it means the message is communicated. The screen can be a allegory for media, like monitors, TV’s and such. Also that the message goes to all ethnic groups and genders is very clear in this Google doodle, since the team is diversified. Also, the control room is grey, which I happen to think is a good way to describe the world, in different shades of grey, since not all is black and white. It’s complicated, as they say.

Since the media is in a control room, it means that the Google team has influence and can control the media. That is because of the algorithm they use, that narrows down your world view. These stupid algorithms should be forbidden in one way, the narrowing down at least, however they try to make it intelligent, learning the algorithm what you like, which I think is stupid and somehow doesn’t give perspective on things. A self critic to Google hidden even in the image, being in so much control over space (Internet space).

So what is Google doodle really saying? Well, that the main, largest thing in focus is the planet. The message is to turn this planet around and get the message out to the media. Diversified teams, means that this is what all genders and ethnic groups should have in focus. Even though it’s Jupiter, it is still about a planet and the main focus we should have is our planet – Tellus. Also Google shouldn’t be in power, controlling the messages filtered. A control room tries to find the messages, filters them and puts them on display. That is what Google does every time you search for something, Google filters the information. They control the information. Do you feel confident in that? Letting them have all that control? They are a private company… of which I actually own parts of… *¤%&/((“#((#*, since my pension fund owns part of Google stock.

So Google, try to not control people’s searches and narrow down, make the searches large scale, if that is the true reality of things.

Yes, all this in a simple Google doodle. Imagine that. On purpose or just by coincidence? What do you think? I think they know.


New years day doodle three – analysis – hatched duck?


I have a hard time figuring out if this is a green duck or a goose? Perhaps it is a duck, not a parrot as the other birds look like. I wanted it to a goose because of the long neck, that is very much not a duck. Well, it looks mostly like a duck, let’s go with duck. The green duck only seems to be looking at four of the Google team members and not the last one with the party cone on the head. Still the fourth member (g) is throwing confetti, as in the other doodles today. A regular duck has a green head and neck, but a brown body, however there are totally green ducks as well.

There is a cartoon named Green Loontern, he is a green dressed duck, but not green in total.

Searching on green duck gives green duck images. It also gives hits on companies, of course. There are restaurants, IT companies, breweries and much more. There are also green ties with ducks… haha. Guess a hunter would want one. There is even Irish music with the name Green duck. I’m feeling it turns mainstream when there are so many things named Green duck really. Boring in fact. So is this green duck mainstream? Is it just a lot of mainstrem being hatched? Not five turtles, nor one crocodiles in 2016? So is the spotted star just a regular mainstreamer? A big green duck just looking backwards/in one direction/looking right/watching the biggest crowd and not the unique individual to the right?

The duck seems harmless, compared to the crocodile earlier today. Smaragdankan är grön. In Swedish it means emeral duck. It is green and has green eggs. The duck is black, but shines green in sunlight.


An emerald is green, of course. According to Paranormal it symbolises peace, love and eternal life. It is suitable for predictions and prophecies. According to Diamondcenter the emerald (the color of the duck) symbolises vitality, strenght and inner happiness. The emerald is a friend to “Gud och människor”(God and humans). (Diamondcenter)

The emerald can be used for pshycic and spiritual awareness. It can protect from magic, it is also used in exorcism. It can also be helpful in healing. It is said to enhance memory, joy, faith and harmony. (

An emerald is also the birth stone of May. (Birthstonezodiac)

Did you know that Cleopatra was said to claim ownership of all emeralds in Egypt? She loved them. Roman Godess of Love was also believed to be emodied in emeralds. Royals have been buried with emeralds. Our princess Sofia uses emeralds in her tiara, I believe, at least the stones are green. (Birthstonezodiac)

Emeralds have been in graves, with engravings refering to the Bible. (Wikipedia)

Since the duck is green, the connection to emerald duck was easy to make. This wasn’t a jade duck, since they don’t exist. Anyways the green duck has the same colour as the crocodile and the turtles in earlier doodles today.

Green can also be used to explain beginner, military, being green concerning the environment, believing in green technology , being vegetarian and such.

Green is also the traffic light that gives you a “go” in traffic.

I consider perhaps this duck like Donald Duck, he’s a unlucky worker. With the best of intentions, he often fails or does stupid things, but in the end he has a good heart. He is also rather poor, but has a rich uncle. Some say “dum som en anka”, which means dumb as a duck.

The term duck is being used for unintelligent persons. It is also a term for someone that lets others take advantage of them. (

A sitting duck… is a expression used for someone in a unfavorable situation, with no good outcome. Also if you have no score, you are a duck. (stackexchange)

A sitting duck is also a easy target.( This duck surely sticks out in the crowd, since it is green and doesn’t look like the other birds…

I searched for duck online, but in Swedish, all I seem to get hits on is mostly Anna Anka. She is a Hollywood wife in the Swedish version of the series.  I don’t want to bring her in to the analysis.

Well, so is it a big harmless green duck, a emerald duck, a easy target for the Google team, a little bit unlucky, been in bad places with no favorable outcome, now just seeing parts of the Google team and not all of it, making no score? But as all emeralds, full of wonderful gifts? Maybe a little bit different, but still a bird, as all the other birds in the Google team…? Well, it seems that Google thinks they didn’t spot a intelligent being, just a dumb duck, a mainstreamer, a easy target, after all. But they seem happy and partying anyways. Making fun on the behalf of the duck. Like bullies. The duck cannot do other than to look at them, wondering what set them off. So all the Google birds where waiting for the dumb duck to hatch, in the new years eve doodle… Well, if Google team are partying an having fun on behalf of the mainstream odd duck being hatched, and if they are thinking that you can bully someone just for looking different, but being mainstream, then perhaps the Google team are the dumb ones…

In this cartoon Sitting ducks we find both ducks, parrots and crocodiles by the way(the figures in the Google doodles contain these elements)(however no turtles). The fun thing is that there is a café named “The decoy” and it is about someone ordering stuff for someone else. It is  strange, but in this film the ducks make cushions of feathers… Also that one of the feather donators is famous for its nice feathers. Behind it there is a secret forumla, to which he can grow his feathers back all the time. All others have become gator bate, since they have just regular feathers. But then it all returns to normal. Just as the Google doodle turns normal after new years day…

They removed the Sitting duck film, there are however many of those on YouTube, but the one with feathers I couldn’t find, since I don’t know the name of the episode. The original link was:

Here is another episode instead.

Here is Sitting duck gameplay.