This is the Living Forum blog on the Internet. Everything on this website is protected by “Upphovsrättslagen” in the Swedish legislation. This site is protected by copyright. You are not allowed to copy anything. This website is a living literature piece. Names might have been changed or fabricated, you do not know until you ask.

Don’t reblog my posts, please. I don’t approve of any copycats like celebrities being inspired by my blog, it will make everything turn into shit for you and you will get really bad karma for eternity, so I advice you celebrities like musicians and actors to fuck off from my site forever.

Hela denna website innehåller ett levande litterärt verk online, skyddad av Upphovsrätt. Du får inte kopiera något. Namngivna personer kan vara påhittade, du vet inte om du inte frågar.

One can not just sit and do nothing when the world is an injustice place. Let’s make it a better place for all of us. A world in peace, harmony, understanding, diversity and where we all are worth something for a fellow human being. A world where we smile to a stranger and a world where we help a fellow-man. Let’s make the world so much better.

I am a Swedish citizen and I follow the Swedish “Yttrandefrihetslagen” and “Tryckfrihetslagen”, freedom of speech and freedom of the written word legislation, in Sweden. If there is something you don’t like, you just make a comment in the commentary fields anywhere on this site and I will consider changing the article. After all, I am only human.

I always try to include sources to the articles I have read while researching materials. When there is no source given, there is no source. Sources to images and facts are often included below the article, if not directly included in the text. Often I direct link images and videos, they are then just embedded into my homepage, but are really located somewhere else, another source. I also use Pixabay’s free image stock images, that do not need to be told the source for.

My advice to you (if I am allowed to give you any, of course) is:

Don’t believe everything you see, or read. Check sources. Ask around, search around, read, see, smell, touch and interpret. If you don’t understand what you come by, ask, read, search, touch, smell and interpret again. Don’t settle for the first best answer, it might be wrong. Keep in mind it may also be right. The simplest answer might be the right one. The most complicated answer might also be the right one. You don’t know until you know. You have to try to know, otherwise you will still have the knowledge you have right now.

After reading this page I hope you are more open-minded, more critical, more alert, more aware, more interested, more of everything and more you. This blog contains mood swings. It contains bad music, bad language, bad news, bad things that can be bad to read. You shouldn’t be here if you are sensitive person. This is a living literature piece and many times it can be bad moods and melancholia in it.

We are all created equal in the sence that we have a spirit and a body. That spirit with our body is life. You are alive. Isn’t that awesome?

I don’t look at the keyboard when I write, and I write really fast. This means that some misspelling can occur. If I read them again I sometimes change the spelling, but not all the time, since I prioritize other things in life! I am just happy if you understood what I wrote, not if its perfect, since I am not a perfectionist. And I strongly advice you to waste time on something else than typo’s.

I don’t care if you like pictures and images, I don’t wanna make copyright violations, so I seldom use images. I might post images when a link is available to the source, or if I happen to have one that works with the article. To visualise something, for educational purposes, I might use images to show the images in question. But, I prioritize other things than having a lot of images. However I do post videos, hope that is enough!

The blog is mainly in English, because I wanna tell the whole world! I am however not an English native, so keep that in mind.  My home world is in Sweden and sometimes I write articles in Swedish too. Sometimes I write in both languages, however they are not translations and the versions can be totally different, but the feeling is the same.

Why do I call myself Human life? Well, check it out on Wikipedia, is it by chance, or did I know it before? What do you think? What you are thinking has a 50% chance of being right as well as wrong. You don’t know until you know.

What is human life? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_life

Enjoy your stay,

Human life,

Living Forum blog, livingforum.wordpress.com


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  1. You are doing such a great job of writing very consistently! I do hope you publish books. Your English is flawless for most part!! Thank you for this blog, I learned a lot!

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