British star – words

Death, death, up on a British star,

a young, drunken, British, man,

falls down to the ground,

hits it with a bang,

dang, dang,

the drunken British star,

falls to the ground,

his cigarette lights the surroundings,

a fire starts,

the young British singer, burns to death….

what a bless,

then he didn’t have to die or kill nomore,

since noone else falls victim to his drugs no more,

his smoking goes down with him,

to the valley of death, because the British star is now a dead star…

the British star no longers tortures his surroundings with his drugs,

what a sad story this turned out to be,

I wish the British star, had listen to me,

quit that cigarette & never

taken alcohol no more,

then he might have wondered our planet some more,

but now the British star died… and no decent human cried….

Written by Living forum. Words and art by Living Forum. Don’t copy or paste, you will get bad karma in a haste. Your future will then turn into waste, you will then be lost in space, that is what happens to you who steals my words or my art. It’s not worth it. Stay away from my art. Only read it here, for free.

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