Preparing the class room

So now I have finally cleaned my class room. Taken out old stuff, to make room for new stuff. Organised and cleansed the cabinettes. I have been organising and cleaning out. Now the art studio in our school looks nice and neat, ready for a fresh clean sheet this fall. My seniors are out in the real word, now they go to high school. All that I thaught have passing grades. Some have A’s and B’s. Everyone has at least E. One, that I never met or thaught got – because I couldn’t grade without meeting someone or getting some materials handed in.

Well. It feels good to have done this full year of work after completing my teacher’s education at the university. With one undone exam though. Anyway. I have now been authorised to ALL applied educations, so I hope they accept me in all of them, so I can choose which ones to attend. One KPU, one master education, one subject class and then a free standing course, just so I can lend books… hehe… okay… that is about it. The KPU I will only validate, so I can graduate. That means I won’t attend. I might have to do a home exam or an essay to graduate, since they are differently set up.

Well now I have paid summer holidays ~8,5 weeks. In autumn next semester starts. Assignment is completed when this year ends. Next year is not planned yet. I will have to start looking for jobs in November for January. But I am a student, so no worries.

I will meet the same music teacher in the autumn as well. The music teacher will go on tour during the summer with a famous Swedish public singer and songwriter. The music teacher is the owner of a studio with others and it is possible to rent the music teacher as a professional producer, so it helps artists to produce their music and goes on tour with them. Touring, then making music at work, with the kids. We collaborate. The kids make music and in my classes they make music videos. The music teacher also creates music, it puts sound to lyrics that others write.

In our school there is a famous drummer… that plays for famous artists. My memory sucks, but the administrator told me some of the artists it goes on tour with. It is on tour right now… imagine that… in my regular school. We are employed by a city in Sweden. Then they do all those things on the side of work and they have no problems getting leave of absence. Neither have I, for all my crazy studies. Haha. I think I will have over 1000 credits at some point. I think the city sees this as an opportunity for their kids to be well connected. I also think the parents like that.

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