Never believed you – poem

I never believed a word you said,

I never believed anything coming out of your pen,

You just wanted to make a profit,

that is how I see it,

a greedy person,

thanks and goodbye

hope you have peace in your mind,

but don’t ever lie to me,

I don’t wanna listen to your lies to me,

fuck off,

I don’t want you to tell me another thing,

you are not welcome,

so go off with your lies,

far away from me…

you and I are NOTHING to each other,

so now you are just NOTHING to me,

you always where nothing to me,

don’t you fucking understand, listen and see?

Fuck off from me,

you are just trash to me,

you and I have nothing in common in general terms you see,

so fuck off, fuck off, fuck off,

you egocentric piece of shit…

This fantastic poem is the fantastic artwork written by Living Forum & you cannot copy, paste or quote anything from this poem. You can link to pages chosen by Living Forum for publishing and read them on Living Forums chosen URL pages. Thanks. Respect my art!

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