Chapter seventeen – God’s loving servant

Science fiction written by Living Forum.

God always carried the child, God’s loving servant. God even carried the childs mother. This is the story of the childs mother as a child.

When the childs mother was a child she was out on a ride. A ride of a bike. The little girl fell, but she was miraculously lifted up by a unvisible force and sat down, without any hurt. It was as if angels had lifted her up and put her safely down. Her sister had hurried swiftly to her. Seen the miralce first hand. A girl without injuries saved by an unvisible swift hand.

The little girl, used to tell people that she really had lost her cock and her balls to the lightning of God and that her daddy had promised her to make a new pair out of wood. These ideas came to the little girl merly from nowhere, or perhaps it was the divine?

The girl sat as the seventh of the seventh hills in her mother’s and fathers house.

The little girl, had two houses burned down during her childhood in the mid 20th Century. One fire in the mid 20th Century was set by a lightning ball. It entered the house through a wall and wondered around before it sat down and started the fire in the little girl’s house.

The little girl also had an idea of that she never really wanted to married. She didn’t marry any of her daughters fathers either.

Because of the little girls fires in the 20th Century, there really where no pictures of her as a small child. They say she was beautiful and poise as a little girl can ever be.

The little girl grew up to her teens and moved away to a country on the other side of the sea. There she made her own little family. All she ever wanted was one child. She got two. The little girl turned out to a beautiful women serving the work of God, she was a good samaritian and she brought up two little girls herself. The mother didn’t have to teach that much too the oldest, because she was smart and selfgoing, she often figured out how to do it herself. The other little girl was sickly and weak, but got all the love and attention from the family. She was spoiled rutten as a princess could be, got all she could ever need. The first daughter got to live with homemade clothes, homemade cooking and outdoor life and activity. She went to Sunday school, was in school in time and did her homework as a really good child. She didn’t do drugs or fuck around, she thought of becoming a nun in her teens. She was a really good child. She belived in God, just as her mother. But Jesus… no the daughter never really belived in Jesus, but she did believe in God.

The older daughter didn’t live in any luxury, she never needed you see, she didn’t care about dimonds or gold. The daugther never dwelled in luxury. Life went on, they lived in a regular family, with no wealth or luxury. For a while she was all alone raising the girls.However the mother herself, she got clothes of purple and gold, financed by her man who dwelled in the paycheck of the black oil in the Arabian deserts. He brought her golden jewlery. But none of this ment anything for her and she left her man and took her firstborn daughter with her to another man. They had a new little girl, just as they drifted apart.

Both girls studied to be samaritians. One believed in God and the other one was an agnostic and liked the morbid horror stories. The mother herself believed in God all mighty, but she lived in sin for a long time, before she finally married one of Gods chosen people. She married into a better life than the one in poverty. The first daughter never dwelled in luxury, but the other one got spoiled once she married her first husband to be. The first daughter moved away and lived on her own. She wanted freedom and peace, because in that household never was peace, when the mother lived with men. When the mother lived all alone in poverty, that was when the daughters where the happiest at home. But the mother wanted a life with a man, someone her daughter couldn’t understand. The oldest moved away.

The mother had extra ordinary gifts, she could tell the future in cards and other things. She could also predict things. Both daughters where blessed with the divine in some way. Even though one belived in God and the other just was agnostic, both where still blessed.

The mother had healing hands and could feel other peoples aura. But her real gift was how to take care of others, however she failed to protect her daughters from two of her men. They where not kind as one should be. One of the girls grew up in being beaten and torn, by other adults through life, even though she was kind and giving. It didn’t help. She cried often and wanted to die. She prayed to God each day. God had God’s talks with her. God pulled her through the worlds hate towards her. She was mistreated from the start in the land so dark. A land that faked a “good” life, but really, many where mistreated and fortgotten, because they wheren’t lagom in the land of lagom. In the land of lagom the society that ruled tried to make people conformed to a norm, but to the outside world they tried to make a “image” of them being accepting and diversified and helpful. In some ways there where all that, but in other ways they never where. They feed on technology, both the good and the bad. They feed on drilling holes into Mother Earth and stealing her nature. They feed on war, but asked for peace. It was as if everything in that land was lagom, lagom hate, lagom love, lagom war, lagom peace. It was if they really worked against people being really happy, as if it was dangerous to fullfill to happy dreams. Some could, but after all, only some, because if they where to happy, they wouldn’t be lagom anymore… and they couldn’t really have that. So to have prosperity they manipulated the population into lagomness. They simply tried to make people a certain way, just to be lagom of everything. Those that where not, where worked against by people if they where to smart, to loving, to good… if those in control couldn’t control them. It was a country where an elite controlled the others. The population where drilled into lagomness and democracy was a just all a big fat lie, because the real rulers where devil whorshippers secretly in love with the devils dimension.

So in the land of lagom the people continued to beat the servent of God all through her life. She didn’t harm any other, but still they where mean to her. They only gave her a few glimpses of hope, not to many. She only had God. One day she had enough and asked God to take her away. Someone, a divine force, took her on a journey of love… it was a hard trip and she couldn’t handle the love dimension and asked the divine force to be returned to her miserable life… because she couldn’t be in the love dimension, cause all she ever knew was misery. The divine force acccepted that, but with her she got something… a gift of some sort. She didn’t want it. She never asked for it, but it was there. It made her see the future. She never ever wanted to see the future.

A magazine had misquoted her and told lies about her, none of them where true. There it might be misinterpreted, because they only told half of what she said. She really had said that she didn’t like quarterly thinking where the outcome is changing all the time. She never said she wanted to see the future. It was the devil whorshippers magazine. Also they wrote she wanted a boring job. She never wanted a boring job, she just didn’t like it when the quarterly thinking in greedy companies changed all the time, not the work tasks of the day, but the fact she kept on loosing her job all the time. This they didn’t wrote, so everything that magasinze simply wrote was a lie on these parts. It’s sad when people turn their magazines into lies and lie without thinking of the persons own words, inventing their own idiot texts just to sell copies. The girl wondered who gives someone everything she wants… she began to think the one that granted her wish wasn’t no God at all, but perhaps even the devil, so she asked him to get out of her life and finally after being pushed she wanted the being dead. First it wanted love, as if it was what she should believe in. She already loved God and she knew God wouldn’t ask her to prove it. Since God already knew that she loved God. A real God would never ask her to prove her love. Never. That was when she asked the voice to die. The being vanished. Voices tried to tell her she killed God. But she didn’t. God was eternal and she already knew noone could kill God.

She got out of the strange beings dimension and asked it to simply fucking die and it did. Then she returned to her own dimension. Before she had gone into the dimension God told her he was tired of humanity and had lost all its hope and that Earth would be destroyed and that humanity was lost. She said it wasn’t, that there still was some hope. She wanted them to have a chance of changing the chain of events. God gave her extra time. So now humanity was on probation and she was given the chance to help them to change their ways. However, would they listen to her? To her help she had some gifts from God. God gave her God’s will, which she certainly didn’t want. God’s will on Earth. She saw it as a curse and perhaps God thought she needed it if she was gonna get the population of Earth to turn around to loving Mother Earth again… She was just a human being, a population of Earth, a regular child of God. Nothing less, nothing more. With a extra ordinary gift from God. She was a gift from God, even her name said so. She wasn’t in any Bible, nor any prophecies, not any Quaran or any other scripture. She was God’s own secret. Living here, right here on Earth. Evil people thought she was something else, but she never was and she would never be. She was just a being devoted to God. A free being, living here on Earth. Totally free to do what she felt like doing.

God chose her for this mission to turn the world into loving Mother Earth again. But she only did what she wanted to do and this was totally okay by God too.

Written by Living Forum. Do not copy, do not paste, respect my wishes, my art stays her, for your own good. You are free to link here and read here, on Living Forum’s chosen media.


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