Love or war? Bottle or tap water?

Now you have to make a choice. Bottle or tap water? Tap water consumes more liters than it gives in production. Not everybody has clean water to drink in their taps, not even wells or lakes or rivers. Isn’t this unequal? Some are because westerners want to have cheap stuff like fashion. So do you think this is showing love to all beings on our planet, by having production that poisons our soil and our waters on Earth?

Take a stand. Start working for clean water to all beings on our planet. That means you need to end dirty industries, unequality for poor people and war. Those only feed dirty industries and dirty water. So do you choose love for Mother Earth or war against Mother Earth?

If you choose to not wage war against mother Earth, you start working for clean water all over our planet. Talk, chat &/or work. If you don’t help Mother Earth by speaking up – you have chosen war! It’s your choice. What do you choose?

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