Chapter sixteen – Hate feeds war and love feeds peace

Reality chapter in a science fiction story written by Living Forum.

This chapter has words of encouragement into choosing peace, love and understanding, instead of war. Are you ready to trust a stranger? Read my words, think about them and ask God if I am right, or if I am wrong and ask God, what is the godly way? I am just human, having my thoughts about humanity and God. So what are your reactions up on these thoughts? Keep your mind thinking. Think and think. Come to your own conclusions and try to fit ’em into your mind. What do you say? Where does this road take you?

The closer you are to hating others, the closer you are to conflict, if you are in conflict the closer you are to war, unless you have a strong bound of friendship with those you seek war. It is easier to resolve a conflict if you have a relationship to the person in question. Therefore build friendships, even with enemies. One day you might need the enemy to help you in some way. Better to have that option, than to turn into hate and greed and feed alianation and war. However you cannot hang around people that you don’t wanna be with, your surroundings will reflect up on you. But sit down and listen. What can you learn?

Like Madonna sings, everything you do, comes right back to you. When you make art of a special kind, then you might see your surroundings doing versions of that. The world is very magical and even Justin Timberlake sings. What comes around goes around. It is somewhat sad. That even our creativness might comeback to us. Some choose kindness and get kindness back. Jesus or someone said “Turn the other cheek”. Easier said than done, but it is difficult to turn the other cheek, to not take the fight, but sometimes I wonder. Is that the better choice? Sometimes it is, but what does God really mean? Perhaps God thinks it is better one surrenders, then i.e. a conflict doesn’t escalate? Well, that is true in many causes, but in some it is not, in Israel the conflict with Palestine is severe and they take and they take and they make mistake by mistake. They don’t listen either way, so they continue to hate and make mistake after mistake. Tell me, what do you think God thinks of this conflict? God doesn’t like it, would you like it, to live in that conflict? Indirectly this reflects on the whole world, creates and feeds hate towards others in terms of we and them. This is how conflicts of hate works, where people have chosen war instead of love. Israel and Palestine live in war. They take and they take. They hate and they hate and continue doing mistake after mistake.

What does God think of this? Pretty sure God doesn’t approve of this conflict in Israel and Palestine. They should lay down their arms, disarm people and build friendships with each other, if not that, then a true lasting relationship of some sort. In the end, people are people and peace is better than war. Mother Earth craves for peace. They are hurting her so in Israel and Palestine. When will they come to their senses in their mind? Why do they carry arms? Why do they carry distrust? Why don’t they carry a weapon of love? Show each other respect, mercy and love. Devote themselves to sunna, devote themselves to God? God wants the people to become missionaries of love, peace and understanding. Will they accept the challange? Will they understand what Mother Earth needs? When will they see they are all connected, even to you and to me? When will they see they are not alone, carrying the hurt of mothers and fathers, sister and brothers and all those in between? Send a piece of love to Palestine and Israel. Send them a thought out of grace, pray that they don’t continue making mistake by mistake.

Endless possibilities we have. Do you want them out of peace and understanding, or war and conflict? Tell me, what do you really want?

Written by Living Forum. Do not copy, do not paste, respect my wishes, my art stays her, for your own good. You are free to link here and read here, on Living Forum’s chosen media.

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