Chapter thirteen – Sunshine and sunspots

Science fiction written by Living Forum.

The sun – a special gasstar. A star that gives a middle center in its own space. It has some planets that circle around it. Earth is one of them. But how many know what the sun lives on? Well. The sun is really living on love. The sunspots are really the distress of hate and war, going on on the planets around the sun, in this case mostly Earth. The more the population and beings love, the less sunspots are on the sun. The sun needs the love, so it can give sun and have so little sunspots as possible.

So what if there are sunspots? Well. If you don’t belive, you just don’t believe, do you? But if you choose to believe, then the fairytale takes you on a journey of the sunspots. The sunspots control our weather on Earth. The sunspots are connected to the weather we have, depending on where the sunspot is compared to the location of the Earth. They are connected. The sunspots are connected to the weather on Earth, the climate is affected by the sunspots. Some scientists have seen this combination and they have begun to wonder about the sunspots themselves. But they haven’t figured out what controls them… but they have figured out they affect our climate…

The sunspots are depending on humanities love. Our souls go there, when they die. To the sun. There are all our anchestors, that haven’t been reborn or reused to a new form of being or entity. There they watch over us and give us love, but we too need to show love in return. When we don’t, those parts form the sunspots. So everything mankind does on Earth reflects up on the sun and the sun reflects it right back to us, in perfect symbiosis. But how and when the scientists haven’t really put a stamp on yet.

One way to hurt our sun is to poison our grounds. That makes the sun get sunspots, when it sees how you mistreat his wife, Mother Earth…

We are living in a miraculus place, Mother Earth, she is more magical than anyone can understand. Give our Mother Earth love, so her man, the sun doesn’t have to get sad… and get sunspots all over… show ’em you love them. They need your love.

Written by Living Forum. Do not copy, do not paste, respect my wishes, my art stays her, for your own good. You are free to link here and read here, on Living Forum’s chosen media.

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