Chapter fourteen – The unluck of drugs

Science fiction written by Living Forum.

This chapter is about the importance of banning drugs.

The drugs alcohol, narcotics and tobacco cloud up humanities connection to mother Earth, therefor they shouldn’t be used. Alcohol clouds up people’s connection to mother Earth and sets them further apart from being connected to Earth, Earth itself has a healing affect and if we had a healthy climate without industrialism issues of poison environments, then we would be a healthier population.

All drugs need to end, unless it is some kind of medication for a certain purpose, but otherwise alcohol is a useless drug, if not used for cleaning. Narcotics should only be used in severe cases, but really, the solution is already in nature, in diets and other ways, but humanity hasn’t found them all. Efforts need to be put on sustainable narcotics and medicines, that don’t affect our wildlife once we shit and pee. Also with narcotics comes many issues both mental and physical, as well as crime and abuse. Narcotics is not a way to be. The thrill of being outdoors can give you much more enjoyment and healing than any narcotic could ever give. Also alcohol is a dangerous drug, look up facts and science about that and you find pancreas sickness, can happen after one drink, if you are unlucky. Also a lot of people can take advantage of you when you are drugged, as well as the drugged can do the same. Bad judgement comes with drugs. Hitler used drugs. Look what he did – he must have had a phycosis to go forth killing 6 million people in the holocaust, caused by drugs? Was drugs the reason for WW2? Who knows? Anyway tobacco is really putting wood to fire and creating sickness that didn’t really exist from the beginning. Tobacco costs mother Earth a lot and it gains NOTHING. Mother Earth needs us, humanity, to ban tobacco production.

Well. If you truly love Earth and want the best for each and everyone of us… you detox our planet from drugs… and find new solutions for those that are sick. Only the sick can use these, but in the end, less people will be sick if we stop using them… Say no to drugs, don’t ever start. Find other ways to live. We need to help each other, since our current lifes are making too many of us in a wheel of trouble… unhappiness and grief. We need to start caring about one another. Really showing each other love. Can you? Showing love is not a easy task and especially difficult for all that has lost contact with mother Earth, of people who have been hurt to much in life… but everything is possible. Find yourself in nature. You need Mother nature to heal. Seek yourself to her loving arms, she is ready to hold you tight, through the night, if you let her.

Written by Living Forum. Do not copy, do not paste, respect my wishes, my art stays her, for your own good. You are free to link here and read here, on Living Forum’s chosen media.

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