Chapter Fifthteen – Religion

Science fiction by God.

First and formost. The world is in different shades of grey, not black and white answers on array.

God’s prophets over time created different religions in different cultures, cultures that where usability adapted to each population and place, to their location on the planet and so forth. Religions could change over time, depending on the cultures movement to other places over the planet. So on the planet where thousends of different religious systems in place, but in the end, each human had their own relationship with God. Some chose to not believe in any God, or universe or any such thing, some just lived anyway without putting time and effort into religion, thoughts about existence and so forth. It was each humans choice, God didn’t interfere. Depending on belief system, each life was different, each life had a different connection to the universe, because even the connection was usability adapted by God. There where as many connections as there where beings. Each being and each connection was unique, it didn’t matter if you where a stone, a human, a planet or any other insect or animal. Each one had a soul and a connection to Mother Earth and the universe. But all where adapted in uniquness all the way. All others, not assigned an entity where air, that lingered in anything, if not the sun.

Well. So with belief the humans could focus their task in life, what ever that might be. With religion the humans could have guidelines and ways to believe, to better reach divinity, but in the end none of it really mattered. You only needed to believe in God. But you could believe in different ways. Religion has its ups and downs. Some religious groups become into war or disagreement with each other and did bad things. Religion was really never of we vs. them, but somehow the interpretations had gone wrong when people ended up in conflict with each other. They should really just have kept side to side and shown each other respect, but over time, people in any culture got greedy and somewhere love was partly forgotten and over time it got worse, when people simply forgot how to show Mother earth mercy in their actions. Everything was complicated. Religion has been misinterpreted by populations and difficulties had rose. But really, there was really no need to feel envy towards other because of religion, but somehow the wars and disagreements had come to the point of blaming religion. This was really a outcome of people walking away from love and turning into hate. Instead of choosing peaceful methods they had let anger and hate affect their feelings.

God had problems with hate and love, so since people merly where copies of God… well, they too had ups and downs like God. However people needed to find balance, balance between hate and love. Balance in living sustainable lifestyles with planet Earth. People needed to be loving to each other, even though they where allowed to be angry, sad and so on, since life wasn’t all black and white and in the end, all people had feelings. Feelings where in the system, since they had a purpose too. Everything on the planet had purpose, but humanity had lost the senses and feelings of their purpose and tried to tame Mother Earth’s all assets only go gain, not to sustain life and live in perfect harmony and symbiosis with Mother Earth. That humanity had forgotten to standby. Mother Earth needed the modern human to find its way to peace, because the hate and the war, the destruction in vain, that had nothing left to gain.

People fought each other with bombs and with threats. People even forced within their families, young children where forced to marry old people, against their will. Nothing of this was something God wanted for the population of Earth. It wasn’t in any religion.

Then in some books it said that man and women that where joined by God shouldn’t be set apart, but they had all gotten it wrong. If God did put someone together, they would never have wanted to be apart, so if they wanted to tbe apart, perhaps they wheren’t really set together by God. Some souls where ment to be. It wasn’t the easiest to find those souls ment to be, some had lived life after life together in family. Some souls seemed to find their way to each other… other wondered without. There was a purpose to it all, but free will also could make it all twist. Not following your heart could twist it all. But even that had a purpose, even then…

Well anyway, nobody should force a pair of two, of any other number of a family. It should always be a choice by the humans in that relationship. You should always choose love, if you could, but in the current settings and affairs it was a impossible mission for some. So some lived unhappy lifes in marriages really not by their choice, because of tradition and some old books… God was disturbed. Thought anyone who could, diserved real love, but it was still a choice by any human, if they would act on love… Sometimes acting on love didn’t mean you followed your heart for yourself, but for someone else. That ment some stayed in relationships with no love, because they really followed their heart, perhaps it was the better choice for someone else, out of love. This was a choice each human had to make, any other choice would have been a mistake.

Not everyone could therefore choose their loved one in each life… even though they would have wanted too. This was just how it was, the world was grey, not black and white. What choice was the right one? Free choices for all of mankind… was not the easiest choices to make, every now and then some of the population did make a mistake.

Anyway. God wanted everyone to choose what was right for them, both in belief and in love. Therefor every connection to God was unique, even for the atheist. God was afterall, nowhere to be seen. God did put the system on automate, so it would feel God was present in each move you make…how it happend was different in each religion, since all small steps had a outcome of many different versions, depending on each choice you had made on your way there.

The system is complicated and this is just some of the parts explained easily for each part. Be now smart, understand, each one has a unique relationship with God, or non God’s, depending on belief. You cannot say it is right or wrong, since you simply cannot know. There is a handler in each belief, no matter what it is. But each choice… has one special outcome. So. With this I leave you with all the questions left unanswered about religion, love and God.

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