Chapter ten – Wild Mother nature

Science fiction written by Living Forum.

In all plants on Earth there was a clear natural connection to mother Earth, even the plants ripped out of the soil, into humans pottery still where connected to the Earth, however manipulated and controlled by humanity, just as other beings where enslaved by humans. Plants knew that the future would be different and that they only needed one seed to survivie, one root to sustain, one glimpse of life to keep alive for generations to come, so they did their best, even in pottery.

Inside each plant layed Mother natures wisdome and mother Earth, the mother of all beings, was connected to each one of them. To be fertile Mother Earth needed the sun, the sun was Mother Earth’s beings father. The moon was mother Earth’s mirror, so that the father could even see all the sun’s children when Earth was turned around… in symbiosis they nutred their family, but just like any mother and father they wanted their children to be happy and to be responsible adults, just the same. So God had let them have freedom in their free will. They where all a unity, together with their own small entities in a universe so big. Not all planets had a mother and a father like Mother Earth and her sun. But all planets where ready to be fertilised when something magical would be…the building blocks where all over the universe, just as on planet Earth. God designed mother Earth and had taken parts here and there, to create life and make it to a maze that would amaze. God was so alone, so God made God a prison, but put in failsafe systems, just in case too much would go to waste…

The perfect little Godly prison… was in place… and now everything was going to hell… and the failsafe systems had been activated, waking up being by being… every rebirth had to endure pain… cause that was the price to pay. Going through a testing period so strong, that if you where too week anything could go wrong. But all you needed was faith and belief and you would be alright… You had to follow your faith… and answer the call. It ment doing some changes. Where you ready? Would you stand the test of time? Would there be a future for humanity? Or would humanity reject Mother Earth calling them for help? If humanity doesn’t do anything and denies to help Mother Earth, humanity will die out.

Written by Living Forum. Do not copy, do not paste, respect my wishes, my art stays her, for your own good. You are free to link here and read here, on Living Forum’s chosen media.

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