Chapter eleven – Sunshine

Science fiction written by Living Forum.

The sun shone every day, depending on where on the hemisphere the planet was circulating the sun and what period of year, the sun shone differently, during the year and during the day, since the planet rounded its axel each day too. It was a advanced system put in place, with energy levels stronger than any human factory. The sun was the strongest power ever and the magma, the oil the planets own gasoline, so it could rotate and give the whole planet the best climate possible. Thanks to this advanced system everything on Earth was connected, that if something was changed over there, something would change in all places that where connected. All this knowledge had been lost in the industrialised human kind… but the nature people where still connected but more and more started to get blurred even by them. The nature people took as little as possible to live an everyday life, they still knew how to be connected to the Earth, how to take and how to give back. But the industrialised countries had lost their touch and science was to often in vain, there was simply almost nothing to gain. Science would only be in vain and therefore Mother Earth was in pain.

This the human, woken up by the protocol could feel, her connection to Earth, to the soil, to the sky… The Earth quakes, the inner core of the Earth, the winds and the storms… all connected right back to her… When she had belief on the highest point… the sun could shine long and bright… but when she was in darkness inside her mind, the winds around her could change, the sky could turn all grey, even if it was in May.

She visited places she liked… and just a little time later her travelling too far… had managed to put Earth into unbalance and she knew… that Mother Earth was teaching her a lesson… she knew Mother Earth was sending her a message… that all the places she visited wheren’t respected by her travelling kind… they tour Mother Earth a part… therefore Mother Earth gave her paradise a tsunami, just to bring her to tears and show her Mother Earth’s grace. She cried rivers of sorrow… Mother Earth didn’t want her to move… to her little paradise… Mother Earth showed her with all forces she had, Mother Earth showed people her wonders just to teach, just to show, she was the mother of all beings… and it was time… for her communicator to listen to her even more… to tell the populations of her sorrow and her strength. She needed mankind to show her respect, since they had wounding her with war and greed. The girl knew that the sender was Mother Earth and that she had connected to her, she and her plants where screaming for help… they needed mankind to fight for her… she was sick and dying… and no-one else heard her crying, other than her… even though there where those that could speak to nature and tune in, but there was no other being connected to God, as her inside all that technology, her karma lingered in all technology, therefore Mother Earth chose her… she was connected to it, just as mother Earth was connected to all other life… she was also open to missions from God. Mother Earth needed her… to fight for her cause… therefore she showed her merciless, every sacrifice she made, just to show her it was time… she needed to take action and control… and do her justice and so… the God protocol had been activated… and mother Earth put her in training once again… in human land.

Written by Living Forum. Do not copy, do not paste, respect my wishes, my art stays her, for your own good. You are free to link her and read here, on Living Forum’s chosen media.

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