You planted a flower in my garden

Someone planted a scarlet Zinnia in my garden… from the beginning it was dark fushia-red, but over the years it turned light pink… I don’t know who planted it, it was just there one day and it comes year after year, however it changed color.

When I was severly hacked in 2011 I believe it was, someone kept on changing my computer screen to the same flower. Annoying piece of shit.

That someone has also been communicating the number nine now for a while. Well. I want you to fuck off, out of my life now.

I don’t know what the fuck you want, but in my world you are a insane asshole, sick. Go seek mental aid. This site is a living litterature piece for fucks sake. Have brains. I guess you have none… You who lives in the flower illusion, fuck off my world and let me be.


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