The edge – poem

I didn’t want you to be air, I didn’t want you to be the one that lingers in everything, now you are, lingering in everything, now you are the edge, now you are the poison in my mind, calling me, needing me, not in peace, you are a restless soul, as sad then, as sad now, you are not in peace of mind, you are in agony, you realised the edge wasn’t the solution, you realised not giving up was the solution on the other side… but you chose the wrong solution in your poisoned mind, because you simply exhausted yourself, exactly what I didn’t want you doing… I wonder… if you where the one calling me… and hunging up… I will never know now, will I? All you needed to do, was to find me in reality, I wanted virtuality to end… because I couldn’t watch it anymore… the tears, the poison in your mind, your inner fights with youself… I was simply hurting too much… needed you out of my virtual life… but I asked too much of you… you felt cut off everything I do… when I asked you to leave… now I see… my virtuality created your creativity… and I was the life line, the poison in your mind, just as you where mine… The angels tells me you are crying rivers on the other side… not in peace of mind… even on the other side… I feel pain… and I cry for you… and feel agony… people are poisoning my mind… even on this side… even though I am not to blame… I simply couldn’t handle any fame… you knew that… I had no secrets for you… you read me like a open book… you where scared of what I would do… so you did something drastic to get that off my mind… but now you are on the other side, crying all the time… understanding what would have given me peace of mind… which was not what you did… your thoughts where poison in your mind and you made it all worse… because you didn’t sleep, you started to lack belief, you where not strong enough… to go on creating on your own… but that was all I needed, you to let me go and go on your own, find your creativeness without me… you kept on holding on to me… for far to long and in the end you where killing me… taking every last piece of me, wripping me apart…. doing what you did… feels like you still are… you try to poison my mind… and souls of negativity around me are driving me to the edge… but I won’t be with you on the other side, I think you now know why… I am someone else than you all thought… you are all poisoning my mind, perhaps pushing the button is my last resort, perhaps it is so, I have to press delete on everything… since there no longer is humanity, classes failed, everything failed… you are all a poison in my mind… cannot take your poison in my mind… I want you all to let me go… I will never be on any show… you have no rights to hold on to me, this you have to realise you see, I never belonged to anyone else but me…. I love myself the most in the world… stop poisoning my mind with your own egos… I don’t want you in my mind, get out now, let me have my peace of mind, you poisoned souls, get out of my life, I am not your wife & I never will be, I am not your sacrifice either you see, I am not your pawn, I am no you and me, I am my own entity, get out of my mind, you poison shit, fuck off forever from my mind, get out of my life, you dark poisoned souls, you don’t belong with me, go to your other reality, I am not in it, fuck it, leave it, get out of here now, every negative soul, fuck off my life forever in my own reality, fuck off forever each and every piece of shit, get out off my life, I don’t want you poisoning my mind, I block you off my soul, your attachments are now cut off, you get no access to my soul, keeping you off my mind, all you poisoned minds

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