My lake view

I was by the lake and I sat there, on the bridge, all alone. On the shore sat a young man in his 30’s. I sat there silently, all by myself, whilst my family played mini golf a couple of hundred meters away.I just sat there and relaxed, enjoying the lake view from my bench. I enjoyed the bird swimming and fishing. I enjoyed the waves reaching the shore. The sun shone with strong vibrancy and the sky was all blue. I could relax the first day in a couple of weeks. I love nature and I don’t know why I live here. I wanted to live there, by the lake, seeing the lake, not hearing the traffic all the time. I have nature outside my house, but I hear the noise from the big road on the other side. There is no calmness during weekdays and when traffic has flow. I get anxiety by living here. This other place wasn’t that far away, not even 10 km. Still, it was such a big difference. Life slowed down there.

After a while I moved away from the bridge, sat down by the house by the lake. I started talking to the young man sunbathing. I learned that he was sick from life and he had been smoking cannabis for a decade. Because he smoke it, he felt good, he thought. He went to this place every day of the year, even in winter. He swam in the lake every day. This was his way to be. He lived a couple of km away. He loved being in nature, just sitting there, by the lake house. So there I sat with a nice man, who in fact was a drug addict. He was injured by life he said. He was handiman, those days that he could work. Now he was on sickleave, because of his injuries. He had worked a lot outside the system before, where he didn’t have to work as much, because he got big money directly cash in the hand. He didn’t like working and his body failed him, if he worked too much, he said. He looked athletic and he was all sun burned. He actually was a really good looking man with Swedish looks. I learned his first name, it started with the same capital letter as me. On his left leg he had a really long tattoo, I couldn’t see if it was a snake or a reptile…

He liked animals and nature more than man, he still socialized with his friends, but he loved being in his own company. I do too. He said he wasn’t the talkative kind, but for me he talked a lot. We then just sat there, looking at our nature so grand. Two people, unknown to each other shared a moment. A conversation, out in nature. Nothing more nothing less. I enjoyed his company. I told him I don’t want kids seeing drugs online and that I work against it. He could understand my point of view. I just want people to stop doing drugs in images and music videos online. What you do then, is not my buisness outside the Internet, as long as you don’t bother me. No criminality and that people are non drugged at work is important for me.

Lifes irony. I wondered why people smoke. As I understood him, he was injured by life. But what that was I really don’t know. Well. I don’t like drugs and there must have been another way for him to feel good without it… we just need to figure it out. Think outside the box.

He didn’t like working, neither do I…. he wanted to be with animals and nature… so do I, still close to town, which we both where just right now… so then I gained some new insights in the world of drugs, life and happiness, solitude and people that like their own company. We are many unhappy people in this world… since our current life styles with this wheel doesn’t work for us anymore… we need a simpler life. Imagine, sitting there, with your friend… not having to work… a simple, joyable life…

It’s sad he needed to use drugs, because he was injured by life. He said it was both physical and mental, but what was what I really don’t know. It is sad that people injured by life need to do drugs… it is sad. I gain clarity in my pain. There is something in that too that I learn. But then again… there is real terrible pain, that I had over a decade ago, that pain is extreme and it wants people to surrender I guess, that is how I felt.

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