Chapter nine – Industrialism

Science fiction written by Living Forum.

Industrialism hade put the planet on poison mode. Capitalism hand in hand with greed and industrialism hade made the eco-system totally unbalanced. Greed had affected the poor populations on the planet. Waste was just transported around and dumped in places with poverty. There poor people wandered the fields to extract valuable minerals and other materials. On their way through waste land they encountered poisions and many of the poor people, going through the fields of waste from the industrialised rich countries, got sick from the poisons. The rich man’s waste poisoned the grounds and made the water poisoned. The rich man’s industrialist greed had turned former green eco-friendly villages to poison fields. They had made the eco-friendly lifestyles vanish and blinded the poor people to seek richness in the rich mans waste, on the cost on their roots and inheritance of a land once so great. The rich mans greed was severe, they just didn’t wanna know it themselves.

Because of many problems in the poor mans land, people saw no other way than to flee poison grounds, to the rich mans land. A unbalance spread in the world and because of i.e. poison grounds and toxic waste there where refugees now in rich mans land. Refugees because of the rich man’s greed. Everything the rich man set out in the world, without taking responsibility fired right back at them, they where just to blind to see it themselves. They didn’t listen, they didn’t see and they didn’t hear. There ego’s where to big and their pockets to heavy and full of money. The world was turned on with greed.

The God protocol had activated since God’s perfect eco-system was in too much unbalance and now the army of God’s 100 000 angels had to protect the Earth. Each one woken up by the God protocol, with one mission – to turn the balance back to balance. They needed to turn everyone around. They needed each dot in this mission. Otherwise Earth would self-destruct. Humanity was on probation and many matures had already been set into motion. Some killed themselves in the name of love, others in the name of climate change. Brave people, sacrificing themselves to show humanity and God Earth was worthy a change and humanity was worthy a chance to turn things around. Where they going to succeed or fail?

Written by Living Forum. Do not copy, do not paste, respect my wishes, my art stays her, for your own good. You are free to link her and read here, on Living Forum’s chosen media.

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