Chapter seven – Revelation

Science fiction written by Living Forum.

The angel army of a 100 000 angels from heaven spoke to her. In signs everywhere. She couldn’t stand it. The sun shine on the sky for a couple of days. Skies all blue. Hidden clues revealing themselves step by step. She could just watch it all happen. She knew all was true, but somehow in her mind she had dubt. She knew what she saw. She knew what she experienced and she was in grief. Enormous grief the third day of the week. She had anxiety and it was more difficult that the other two days, that where calm and peaceful and happy. Now she was in that dark cloud again. Crying rivers of tears. Sadness pulling her in. Holding her. People, spoke to her in her mind. Told her to believe everytime she found the clues in the universe. God’s will was tormenting her. The world twisting and turning after her. Men said to fight holy wars hidden her life in everything. She had cried every time she had been watching… seeing her life, her roads, her friends, her relatives in all streets, maps, addresses, whereever she had chosen to look. God was everywhere. She wondered if she was in a bad movie… but I guess she was in the hands of God. As a child she didn’t want to live anymore… God took pitty on the child… and had long talks with her. She and God became friends. All through life she had been tested, by God and the angels. Until that day, when she finally had to wake up standing in front of God, and God showing her all of God’s grace. The majectic of God had revealed itself to her in so much wonder… she thought she finally had gone mad. Totally insane… but it was all very real. There was no madness, only clarity. She told of this to a handfull and they all converted into believing in her. They changed their lifes and their lifes changed. They struggled through methamorpheses, just as she had. They transformed to enlightend beings and they all stopped dwelling in greed. That happend to all, that she bothered to tell her story to, except her own little entity. Her partner was numb to her, perhaps that was a good thing, however standing by her side, through sorrow and pain.

Now she was in the midst of everything. Yet another terrible experience had changed everything and she really didn’t know why God did those things… or if it was man and the bug free will that annoyed her life. She had been shown this new clue… and she didn’t wanna believe in it… but somehow she knew there was a great chance of all being true…

Written by Living Forum. Do not copy, do not paste, respect my wishes, my art stays her, for your own good. You are free to link her and read here, on Living Forum’s chosen media.

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