I prayed most of my life. One reoccuring prayer I had, until I stopped praying weekly was something like this (but in Swedish):

“Dear God, let everyone in the world sleep good tonight,don’t let anyone dream bad dreams, let them dream dreams where there are no enemies and everyone is happy and feels joy. Let everyone who is sick be well, real well, again soon. Let there be wonders and miracles, God. Let tomorrow be a good day, a day with no sorrow or grief. Thank you God.”

This is my own prayer I prayed as I went to bed, a majority of the days of the year(might have forgotten some days). Every year, year after year… this is what I prayed. Then I could add something to it, if I needed too.

When I was in my teens I also prayed: “Let me meet someone who loves me and someone who I love unconditionally, in my age(this later part I modified depending on my age).” That I stopped praying for a while, then I prayed it a period and stopped praying it, in stadges. Haven’t prayed that in a long time. Well. So I didn’t pray much other than for others and for love… and sometimes I could ask for things to go well. I could also make promises in return sometimes.

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