What do people work with?

It is pretty funny to start looking at what your old colleagues are doing.

One is a city policitian, but working as well, as a IT consultant. Well, not that strange really, many of my old collegeauges are It-consultants. Some are security experts, others are skilled developers in different programming languages, others are network technicians, support technians, managers and so forth. Then in my other line of work, there we find the teachers of different kind and then in my third line of work we find the simpler occupations that you only need a high school diploma for, mostly in health care, even though I have worked with doctor’s and nurses and assholes too. Well, then we look at old friends… well they have the most thrilling interesting jobs really… IT boss, AI engineer… well… anyways. One of my former managers works with Swedish catastrofic events, at least it got that job after the tsunami. It was then responsible to put a process for catastrofic evens in action… I wonder how that work has gone? I wonder if it still works there… I haven’t been peaking into my old collegues that much. I could, but I haven’t. Hmm…. only friends…

Well, anyway. I don’t associate with many of them, even though I know a lot of people just because I worked with them. They are not my friends and even if they are, they are not my real friends, that is people I associate with in my spare time. Some could be, but life happens and gets in the way. I don’t have time for them and they don’t have time for me. I actually do not mind. I am not that into them. I have my friends. I have enough. But in Stockholm I have to little. I am stuck here. My partner has friends here and doesn’t want to move. It is so lonely here. My friend works strange hours, never off on the weekends, when I am off and the others… well, I haven’t called in such a long time… and I don’t think I am gonna call any time soon. They are on hold… or what I should call it. Life got in the way. Working. Living in another area got in the way. I don’t even associate with my own family that much. Tired from work got in the way. Seeing to many people at work makes me wanna cocoon when I get home… I am so not outgoing and still people might think I was… I just wanna crawl into my room and sit there for hours, til I fall a sleep sitting up in my comfy chair. I am dumb, I should go to sleep, but sometimes I cannot find myself to do that… and I sit here till I am simply to tired. I remind of someone in a documentary… I do exactly the same in fact. I have no energy really when I work as a teacher.

I knew that from my education that I wouldn’t have. I knew. I said that to my partner I wouldn’t be able to work full-time. I am however working full-time. I can do it, since I only work half day two days a week. I actually can do it, but still, I fall a sleep when I get home those two days a week, then I sleep a couple of hours of exhaustion. I am so tired. I know I should have a easier job… less consuming of my energy levels. But I need the money to pay the bills every month. So I just have to work… even though I am totally worn out. I do not have energy to do any work at home working as a teacher. Other’s that do not have to work… that are already rich, they seem to work to much also. That is so strange. If I didn’t have to work… I would just do what I wanted. I would most likely still blog. I might do more art. I am just guessing, I really don’t know. I don’t really know, since I have never been rich. I never strived for richness or fame. I don’t like any of the two. But yes, I would like to have citizen salary, that is get enough money to live, without having to go to a regular work place.

They have citizen salary in a neighbouring country, Finland. They have that on try. Some selected citizens get it. I wish everyone in the whole world had that, so we didn’t have to work, if we didn’t want to. This way we could do the work we wanna do. Hopefully we would help each other. Imagine having friends that are free. We could help each other build houses, grow vegetables and so much more. We could have a simpler life, but still have electric busses we could travel with free all over the world. Imagine. I don’t think we would need war, if everybody chose love. Can you imagine? So what do you chose, love or war? Show love to your community, to nature, to animals, to anyone you meet! What do you say, wanna, or don’t wanna? Live a easier life, not having to struggle?

Would you build a house? Plant a apple tree? What would you do if you could live a simpler life, not struggling to pay bills every day? Imagine, having time to experience instead of being a slave in a insane system set up by greedy people that wanna get rich on the cost of others…

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