Let love be free

You should be able to love anyone you want, but you cannot expect anyone to love you back, even though it is of course preffered that people, animals or nature loves you back. But feelings come and go. Sometimes you will love and sometimes you won’t. It is normal. Just beacuse someone doesn’t love you right now, doesn’t mean it cannot change, but you cannot expect it to change. You can still love that being or entity anyway. When you give love, don’t expect anyone or anything to love you back. Love is a one-way-transmission from the start. Hopefully the entity or being you love receives it, accepts it, but it doesn’t have to. Everything in the end has a free will. Don’t beat yourself for it. It can be hard to not get a response, but it doesn’t need to be. I love many beings and entities in different ways. My love isn’t that strong. I mean that I don’t feel the love that much. I am a little numbified. My love feelings are lowered down. When I had a chemical unbalanced period my love was enormously intensified and very strong. I cannot stay in that feeling, because it is to strong. By lowering down my love to being a little bit numbified I stay focused. I work better, I react better, I can do things out of love better, how strange that probably can sound. But I am unique and I have to numbify my love and not feel the love in order to stay on track and to be able to show love to others. Because when I am in love-mode I get hurt too easily. Love makes me vulnerable. When I don’t love I can keep focused. It makes me even more loving as a person really. I can listen to my emphatic side and the logical being within and make better decisions. Isn’t this all very wierd? Because in the end, love clouds me down. With love comes dumb decisions and the unwillingness to see things for what they really are. Love hinders me from making the right decisions. It is better for me to be numb. It doesn’t mean I don’t use love as a tool. It means I use love as a tool. I love, but I act out of love without trying to be clouded by love. I try to be loving in my actions when I act out of love. But that doesn’t mean you have to feel love when I do my actions, but I do my actions out of love when I act with love. It doesn’t mean you have to feel loved, it doesn’t mean I am even nice. It means I do something because I think there is a benefit from doing it in the end – a act of love seing the future outcome from things. You might not see it, but this is how I reason. I think off possible outcomes. I think of ways to make you think. I then act. You might even think I am cruel, but in the end I do it from an act of love. But I put humane thoughts into my actions. There is a difference in acting with war in mind and with love in mind. Love is a much more powerful tool. Do you know what people are willing to do for love? I don’t need to be willing to do anything out of love. I am my own being and you are your own being. I am allowed to be unique, so are you. I act out of love, but it doesn’t mean you will feel loved, you can even feel unloved. In the end I have a purpose out of love for my actions. Show mother nature and the sun that you appriciate them. Without them there is no life. Show them love. Love them. Be kind and gentle. Do what is best for them. Show them you love them.

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