Why do you insist on clicking on “Sometimes it’s better to say no thanks [..]” (Ibland är det bättre att tacka…). Why do you click on this article so often? Stop clicking on it. I only have one work place, that is a school. I am a temp there. I get salary and can buy food, pay my living quaters and so on. I have to work. That is the work I do. I like my work, that I am doing currently, May 2018. Why do you harrass me? I don’t want any other job since I am already working somewhere. I already have a job. In the summer I won’t work, I will have vacation. I get salary during my vacation. We have paid vacation in Sweden, teacher’s have 8 weeks. Blogging is not work. It is my hobby. Doing art is my hobby. It doesn’t give me an income. It never has. I don’t work anywhere else or for anyone else. I have to have a regular jobb, that is my job as a teacher in a school, that is the only work I am doing, everything else is just me living a real life. Stop annoying me, you are a piece of shit for harrassing me. You deserve to have misery, when you continue harrassing me. Fuck off.

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