Disconnect – poem

Please, disconnect, from my chi all the technology that I used to work with

I hereby let you, the technology, flow free,

not connected to me

I want you to be your own entity, let me go,

I wanna be in my own flow,

free from what used to be in form of technology,

I never chose you to be a part of me,

let go, from my chi, all old technology

let the technology connect to the others that use it for their own

I don’t want others flow in my flow

I wanna carry my own little entity

not others inventions in my flow

I was just a unwilling worker,

since I am no longer a worker for them,

they didn’t pay for my chi,

so let fucking go of me,

you are the evil owners technology,

I am innocent

fuck let go of me

I was just a slave for a while

I am no longer

letting go of their fucking chi connected to me…

bye bye, evil chi


Don’t copy, quote or paste my poems. Respect my wishes. I want my art to stay on my chosen media. You are free to link here. Copyright belongs to Living Forum. Upphovsrätten tillhör Living forum. Kopiera och citera inte. Min konst stannar här, på mitt valda medium. Du respekterar mina önskningar som besökare, eller hur? Tackar.

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