U, the subliminal one

You who fucks with my statistics. What do you want? I don’t want you hanging around in my statistics. Somehow you control the traffic to my statistics at my blog, a algorithm or something, or you simply have direct access to what is being written. Google is suspect number one if not Automattic themselves, that has the statistics.
I am freedom. I am freedom of speech. I am freedom of expression. Nobody pays me to blog. I will never work for Google or Automattic. I don’t like others controlling my world view with filters. I think those that do are the sick people. I think every search should be user controlled and not controlled by algorithms’ trying to learn user behavior. It creates sick world views. Only sick companies have these kinds of algorithm’s.

I see patterns. It was my job to test things. I didn’t invent them. I just was tester or test lead. That is it. I haven’t held jobs in the line of killing others. I have held jobs to give joy and help others. I don’t get paid for helping people in my spare time. Is it that a threat to help people free in this world? To help them get their voice? So others don’t do mean things to them?

I like helping people, both in my work and my free time, I always have. Often I ended up getting used and gotten no thanks. But it is alright. Not everyone can say thank you. But I am glad when people say thank you. Some might even get affection for a helpful being, but I am not part of any deal. I don’t sell myself in the end to anyone. Just accept that someone helps you. I don’t work for any organisation, if you think that you are sick. I just work as a teacher, for a school. It is a temp job. I am just a regular temp, nothing less, nothing more. That is my current occupation in May 2018. It can be different next year, it can be the same next year. I don’t want subliminal idiots on my blog, which I had for a long time now. Insane people. As a tester it is my job to see patterns. I don’t work as that anymore. I just do reviews of images and film for fun now. I use the Internet and the sick algorithm’s to write the analysis. They turn out pretty sick sometimes, but I in the end choose what I write from them. I use them to make stories. Nothing more, nothing less. In fact you get a history lesson from the Internet, however true or false stories from online sources can be. I have always told you, on my information pages that everything might be lies, truths or little of truth or little of lies or what ever. You cannot know, unless you stand in front of me, in reality and simply ask the question you so dearly want to ask. I might answer or I might not. I might have or I might not have an answer. The world is grey and even if I do answer there can be many more answers that could be possible. The world is complex.

I already have a job I like. So please, fuck off my statistics and let me have regular traffic and statistics to my blog. Don’t hinder democracy, you are threat to world peace when you hinder democracy and freedom of speech and freedom of expression. People must have the right to write without anyone trying to blur down their world view. We keep to the laws. If we wanna change them, like I do, then we change them and blog for the changes. We can tell other’s what we think. That is what I do. Don’t hinder change. I can only control myself, my writings online. Then others can choose to think a like or different. But I hope they see the good in my thoughts. Then they too can choose to tell their opinion. Freedom. That is what people always needed and wanted. Then the laws say what is freedom within the laws. Nothing less, nothing more. If you have an opinion, you tell it to me by commenting under the article within 30 days. Old articles are old, part of the past, not present. They are simply relics of what used to be, they are not necessary a thought today or tomorrow or the next year. Thoughts are bound in time. Every thought is a new thought, because of the time laws.

Laws should be controlled by absolute democracy, not elected democratic representatives, since that isn’t always a fair system in use. Some have inner clubs for inner admiration and in fact are a threat to democratic voices. Some hinder them even in democracies. Don’t hinder me. It isn’t worth for you to wage war against me. I have God on my side. I choose to help people, when I choose to help people. You don’t decide anything for me. So fuck off my statitics and let the normal people, that do comment have space on my blog. The normal people that wanna read what I write, after ending up here. Don’t hinder them to find my blog. Don’t hinder me from knowing how many read my blog. Those who hinder freedom of my blog are a threat to the world and shouldn’t be online. I wanted the fucker that messes with my blog traffic gone for many years, but the idiot never seems to understand. I hope it does and goes away from my statitics and lets normal users that just wanna read visit my blog traffic. You who messes up my statistics and annoys me, you are the real threat.

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