My muri hangs on in May 2018

My muri about not having my degree hunts me… I tried to get in to a technical college with a technical subject… I got approved in admissions… but I only got reserve spot and the number is to high to get in… I thought it would have been great to let to that college so I could get my teacher’s license, but when you don’t get in bec’ the competition is simply to high… well. Had no luck with that. I am however glad they thought I was approved in the technical subject in elementary school. I wasn’t sure… but I guess I know now. But I did call one of my universities and had a talk. They asked me to apply for VAL in the fall… even though I haven’t qualified for VAL… since you have to have a job when you enter the program and you have to have worked 2 years as a teacher. Hm… but they said I should apply in the autumn, they would accept my application and give me my teacher’s license if I write an essay. They have a slightly different program, than the one I studied, this is why I have to do an essay there. Well. I will apply to VAL at one of my universities in the fall. Do the essay and then get my teacher’s license, if I don’t get it any other way… well. Long wait… and I am already so old. The permanent job… it is such a long waiting period and I just get older by each year. I get depressed from all this really. I wanna cry bec’ everything is so sad. I feel so down. I try so hard and I just enter these muri’s all the way… and I fight them all the time. I am so tired of fighting. I just want people to be nice to me and help me, but they never do.

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