Right path – poem

She is guided by God to the right path once more

protected by her angel army

the darkness in the world tries to linger around her

the darkness lures other people into traps

she however might be missled

but she always lingers out of the darkness

because she never enters darkness fully

she cannot

since she bears the light herself

she lights up the darkness

just by being her

she is really the guide that can light up the path

if you just ask for help

you can receive it

God guides them out

with the help of angels of grace

and guardians of Mother Earth and her sky

The light and the dark are at war

freedom of speech

freedom of expression

is at stake

free will is manipulated by knowledge in wrongful ways

for those that do not see the manipulation it is easy to be tricked in and loose oneself into

darkness of light

a strenght every human carries is the power to ask

everyone can ask a fellow human for guidence, help and light,

angels will pick it up and balance you through difficult times

each choice is yours to make

God doesn’t judge you because you are weak

but you are free to ask for help

then you can receive it from the divine

a joyful grace

a kinder smile

a wonderful experience

and your inner core may once more find its true path in life…

a path with a long wonderful life in true harmony and balance

a life far away from harm

so with the help of grace and God she is once more guided to the right path,

chosen for her, together with God…

a path with good health, love and happiness of mind


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