I woke up 4.29 of a low o sound in my left ear today. I searched online and I got a quote from the Quran. The message from the other side is:”O you who believe! Do not consume one another’s wealth in wrongful ways (such as theft, extortion, bribery, usury, and gambling), except it be dealing by mutual agreement; and do not destroy yourselves (individually or collectively by following wrongful ways like extreme ascetism and idleness.(Be ever mindful that). God has surely been all-compassionate toward you (particularly as believers). “(mquran.org)

This followed the content of my dreams during the night. Tim was in my dream tonight. I brushed his hair and face with my hands, did that because he was feverish. I also had a theft solved by someone doing a act of grace and getting back the product. Very strange. Isn’t it?





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