Study week

This week was a full work-week and study-weekend. I had a  hard time sleeping the other night, since Tim Bergling died and the last tweet I sent him was asking him to fuck off my Instagram. Not the way I wanted my last goodbye to Tim to be. Well. I odd to know better than to go to bed angry by now, when I am over 40, but I guess some of us never grow up in some ways.

I worked all week. I have been extremly tired all week. My energy this week was to go to bed 19.30 every day. That is how tired I have been this week. However after Tim died… I only slept 3 hours that night. I knew he was not sleeping, tried telling him the 11th of March that he needed to sleep. I saw he was back in the tired mode, that so many times before. But since I already told him before I thought he would be more careful this time around… I guess I should have trusted my gut feeling, that told me he wasn’t sleeping alright. I should have commented that… but since I did other campaigns I let him be. I am guessing he worked to much, as usual. To many hours… he was in the flow.

I myself, surrendered to sleep all this week of tiredness. Didn’t even have energy to fall a sleep normally last weekend, woke up with a stiff neck fully dressed on the bed. Overexhausted, energyless. This night I slept normally, but woke up to early. Couldn’t go back to sleep. So I got up early, then I was tired on my way home from my hometown to Stockholm.

Next week I have a five-day-working-week. I am already tired. But then I am off work 4 days, since we have 1st of may and I am free the 30th of April, from work. So I have a mini-holiday.

I will continue my work this week. Well. I am tired. If you are tired, please sleep. Don’t work til you drop. I have a history of working to much. Don’t do that. It can take many years to get back. I have other issues with working. When I am to stressed I cannot think. My logic decreases and I have a hard time thinking. This is my first signal. I also get a puking sensation when I worked to much, then I have to lay down. At work I have a  resting room with bed and massage chair. I try to use it for 15 minutes when I need it.

I liked Tim a lot, he was really talented and he had a gift. I am just sorry he didn’t clean his music and music videos and social media from drugs before he died. I would have wanted him to do that. That would have made me really happy. I guess that won’t happen, unless politicians legislate that everybody must clean their social media from drug images and film. That is a dream of mine. It would benefit our planet and our kids of tomorrow. I really hope people understand we must Detox Internet. I really hope they do understand the importance of that. Tim died because of the after math of drugs. Don’t do the same. Detox your Internet. Rest, when you need 2. Eat when you need to eat.

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