Soon it is summer. In the beginning of June, summer is here. Prior to mid June teacher’s get their summer holidays. So do kids too. Teachers are off work about nine weeks. Teachers start school one week earlier than the kids in most schools. Since I don’t know where I am working this fall I cannot say when I will start working. I might even study. I don’t know really what I want for the autumn yet.

Well. I am gonna continue grading students this coming week on Thursday. I have a lot of material to go through, there are a lot of students.

We only have eight more work weeks, then it’s summer. Of those eight weeks only five are regular five-day-weeks. The other weeks are three-day-weeks and four-day-weeks. So two of the weeks I have a four day holiday and only three work days. They also come every second week in May approximately. The 30th of April and 1st of May we are off work. Then we have the 10th and 11th of May off work. Then we are off work on the national day in June. Well. So we do not have that many weeks.

It’s time to wrap up the kids work, they have to start to deliver. I am also off work one week in May, when I am at my college, where I study. I only have seven work weeks to do and only four are regular weeks. Those days will go really fast. I have to finish the grading. Most of the kids have produced so far. I hope they all will do fine, so I have material to grade.

My kids have done a music video in one grade. The lowest grades have done the most work, but they only get to do “mini-projects”. They are the ones that do science fiction, stop-motion, pop-art and other things that have both manual and digital work.

The seniors have the do-it-yourself-projects, they do one 3D (can be digital or manual), three manual 2D and one digital 2D work. They chose what art styles and materials they use.

At the school last year I had more time to grade, in this school I only have a couple of ours. It ain’t much when you have a lot of students. I am thinking I will have to work in my spare time… but so far I had no energy to do that for work. But when the grades must be done… I will have to put in enough hours to do it. Work.

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