So I have photographed graffiti. In a town famous for it’s grafitti. The great Berlin wall fell 1989, when I was a teenager. I have seen many historic events happen on the news when I grew up. The Berlin wall was one of them. I have never been to East Europe, or the Baltic countries, when the Cold war was in fashion. I have never been to the former Warsaw-agreement-countries really before the wall fell, I did go to Prague once in the 2010’s at some point. I have met people from these places over the years, so it doesn’t feel alianating. I have even studied Eastern studies at the university. I odd to be well prepared for their cultures. So Berlin was my first time. My first visit. I have never been to Berlin. I have been to what used to be West Germany and all over Europe before, but never in the eastern countries prior to Prague. Germany is not east and west anymore. Now it is just Germany, but still Berlin is located in what used to be East Germany. So it is a historical moment to walk in a historical city with so much history really. Berlin has some memorials, architecture & grand places, well worth seeing. But a short mini-holiday doesn’t give room for a lot. It just gives enough room to say I was there. Been there, seen that. Berlin was on my to do list. I have other places on that list to. London, Barcelona, Moscow, Riga and so on. I used to have New York, but since Doland came to power I crossed out New York and the entire US. I don’t think I can go there anymore. They want all your social media for five years… and I don’t wanna tell them. I don’t think I will ever go to the US and that is fine by me. I just wanted to see New York and nothing else really. I also would like to visit Egypt, but it is so instable there so I never seem to go there. I would like to visit at least one African country other than Egypt. Perhaps I might go with my friend to my friends home country. I don’t know. It seems like far away. I am not much for travelling. I rather stay close to home. I don’t like being far away from home. Europe suites me just fine. Well, now Berlin is done.


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