Airport security was awesome

I have been abroud. I flew. I didn’t want anyone telling me what to do or where to fly during my holidays, so I went to a historical European city and did my thing. Not even Russian excersise in the Baltic could stop me. I took a lot of photo’s and walked a lot. It was a nice hotel. Good flight, even though delayed on the home trip. Everything was fine. But I realised, once again, why people probably find Sweden the “perfectionist” amoung countries… well… the bathrooms… that my hotel had, would not have fit Swedish standard. They where nice and all, but… the doors opening and closing where not thought fully through, the doors would have gotten failed at the Swedish building departments in each town. They had doors that opened into the toilets, almost impossible to get out, if you are inside a small toilet… Why did they have doors opening into the toilet? Also behind a toilet in the toilet entrance in the hotel there was  a ventilation shaft or something and the door couldn’t even open up 90 degrees. Very stupid building planning.

Also there was something else very strange and that was that the they didn’t accept cards. On the flight they only accepted credit cards. I don’t have a credit card, just a debit card. So this would have ment I couldn’t buy anything on the airplane. Very stupid. Good thing I had my partners credit card.

Then in the food restaurants they didn’t accept foreign cards (including VISA, Master Card, Maestro etcetera). So what are the odds I have a card from a foreign country? None. Then in the automats available in some places, but I couldn’t withdraw less than 20 Euro… I think 10 Euro should have been acceptable. Only cash machines in the city core could withdraw 10 Euro of those that I checked. Also many places didn’t accept cards, only cash. Very strange. Perhaps it is the legacy of Gestapo? Haha. I am information raped by my bank. They know everything I buy. Well.

Then they smoke everywhere, annoying as hell. Especially outdoors they smoke in restaurants and cafés. I couldn’t live there, no way. I wouldn’t be able to breathe with all the smokers. I don’t have these problems in my homecountry or in Sweden either.

Well. What more? Some staff in the museum I went to where grumpy when I wanted to pay with a card. No nice customer service… but I got to pay with the card anyway.

Well. How did they treat the kid? Well. At the subway some watched the kid a lot. There where many arab looking people and white people in that country, not that much colored people of different origin. So I guess they had to look at all other ethnic groups than arabs and caucasian. Some looked and smiled. I saw a man looking at the kid and then me, like it was comparing if we look the same. Well, no luck with that, the kid is adopted. Don’t they adopt kids from Asia or what? I wondered…

Well in the museum a majority of the signs where in German, some in English but far from all. Perhaps there was some kind of folder or headset for the English versions, but I didn’t mind not understanding the content sometimes.

Well. Back home… I once again understand why Sweden is perfect… since Sweden tries to be, but in the end ends up not being perfect and fit to standard… since everybody tries so hard… and people seem to not be able to always follow the protocol. I like things being perfect, but I want people to not be perfect. I want people to be able to be themselves, but nobody in Sweden is allowed. Freedom of speech is all just a lie in Sweden. That I know based on how they continue to treat me. Sweden has been bad to me for so long.

Well. It was nice to see these historic places and grow as a person, but the place itself was a restless place. A lot of… negative energy.

Before my flight, someone threatened me online on my blog by clicking on links as if they knew I was gonna go flying. I still chose to fly. Airport security was very thorough and I felt worried. Someone had clicked on my link “I am the bomb…left at the terminal”… with Kent, the band. I got the creeps from it, considering what happend during this week in media. Well… I got over that thanks to someone. I was very thankful we where scanned on our way in. Body searched. Haha. Felt secure somehow. I felt more okay after that security check. Knowing they check all of us that way. The flight home was secure. But very late. Finally home I felt great, but still shitty because of bad things Sweden continues to do to me. Time to screw Sweden. I am tired of them treating me bad all the time. Some Twittering will be on full speed. I dislike many Swedes right now.

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