Relaxing sounds

Relaxing sounds of waves, ocean sounds. Now when it is spring holidays in Sweden, it is a good to relax and enjoy. Gather strenght for next work week. For those that cannot go to the ocean, there are video clips on Youtube… Here is one, with a beautiful ocean view and ocean sounds. In Sweden the sea and sea shore is still rather cold and windy. Even snowy in the South of Sweden. Brrr… being by the ocean right now is really cold in the North. Imagine being at the Mediterranean. With the YouTube-videos we can imagine… having a big screen TV can help you imagine even more… then you can have a new view for each dinner setting. You can simply roleplay being somewhere else… if you wanna and the real world doesn’t offer you what you need outside. Sweden has a really long coast line and ocean views all the way. Ocean views are accessable to anyone in Sweden, there is always a shore you are allowed to visit.

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