Annandag påsk – easter weekend

Today is Annandag påsk, second day of easter in Sweden. It is a red day, we are free from regular work, except if you work in 24-7 hour staffed places, i.e. hospitals, law enforcement, ambulance services, subways, trains and so on. They still have to work, even on red days, so called “helgdagar” in Swedish, weekend days, red days (röda dagar). I.e. those with office jobs can be off work this day. So many in Sweden are free four days in a row, to visit family, relax and enjoy life. Do things they usually don’t have enough time to do during a 2-day-weekend. Travel somewhere. It is a little breather in the midst of all stress we can experience during working weeks.

My ideal work week would be 4 days a week and then free the weekend and either Monday or Friday to that, 3 days off work in a row. Then I would have enough energy to be in the studio one day per week. Working full-time, every day of the week, doesn’t give me energy to go to the studio that I have rented a couple of years… it has become a storage room. I odd to go there. Paint. Do my thing. I just haven’t had energy, lust and time to go there really. I studied too much and then I had to work too much. I need money. I have to work. There is no way to develop myself without any money really. I need to get money to live. Perhaps one day… when my economy is better… I can try to find a four-day job. A job 4 days a week. 80%. Perhaps. Maybe… I also need to graduate… but I don’t know when that will happen. As long as I don’t graduate I cannot get a real job… I can just be a temp… hourly, monthly, per term or yearly. Hmmm…. I am used to not having continuity in my life. It is difficult for me to learn to know new people all the time. It consumes my energy. I get tired. I am not really made for working with a lot of new people all the time… it consumes me… takes away my energy… but I have no other. My work life is going from flower to flower, just like bees. Now, when I am middle age… it is harder… I am more and more tired from doing it.

I just do the work. I work at least for the same employer, just new missions all the time… better than nothing. Right now I am on leave from my regular employers… having a term temp job, that is without hours, it is paid monthly. It is okay, I like my colleagues. They are nice. I have paid holidays during the term. Sometimes this job consumes me too, I have ups and downs at work. Mostly my days are fine. Better than autumn. That was terrible.

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