Easter weekend

Today is easter day, we call it påskdagen. Yesterday was påskafton, easter evening. We Christians celebrate Jesus resurrection. For me a strange holiday. So we had egghunt on easter evening. The kid has to find an hidden egg. So it did. It got to redo it a couple of times. It is fun for kids to do egghunt.

On Skärtorsdagen, we have a hednic celebration, not connected to the Christian easter weekend. That day the påskkärring (easter lady/Hex/Witch) goes to Blåkulla. Kids dress up and go from door to door and give easter tokens and then they get a thanks, candy or money in return.

Tomorrow it is annandag påsk, second easter day. We are still free from schools and work that day. It is a so called red day, röd dag. That means that if you don’t work holidays, that the red days are, then you are off work.

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