Democracy cannot be outsourced 2 private companies

Democracy cannot be outsourced to private companies like Google, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, Bing, Microsoft, Apple, IBM etcetera. They are private companies. They won’t put you, the user and your interests foremost. They will not protect your information. They will not safeguard you and the laws. They will not. It is not their job.
They are obligated to follow laws, we the people, must make the laws. The companies that want to be in our countries must follow the laws. The laws must protect us, our democracy. Algorithm’s are  threat to democracy. The companies design them and they choose who gets a voice in democracy. We, the people, need to interfere. Legislate. Make companies obligated to transparency. No NDA’s benefit anyone. I know so much that I am not allowed to tell, that would benefit the world in more ways than one, but I am not allowed to speak about what I know. I carry a lot of power around with me, since I have this knowledge. I have to speak in riddles. I cannot share it. Because the world is totally fucked up. Give me a billion and these companies won’t exist within 5 years. You will rule your part of the universe. I will hire people with the right mindset to help me change the world… but who gives a billion to a nobody? I am afterall, a insignificant shitty person, with no money. I wouldn’t keep the money to myself of the billion, just give me a salary enough to buy my dream house. Rent premises and give okay salaries to the people that wanna work with me. We could change the world and the outcome of what is, if someone gave us a chance. I won’t do it unless I get the control of how to do this. In the end I will then give you democracy, free education and so much more… just believe in me…  But no, you cannot trust Google, Facebook etcetera… they have other agendas than to make you free. Don’t trust them. They are not trustworthy.

I already know a group of really skilled people I would start to employ…

I recommend this article, to read about giving away power to American companies:

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