Sweden tries to kill me

They tried to make my delivery to this earth a negative one. The doctor was so negative and disapointed in me being a big, fat, ugly girl. But I only heard my mum and her saying welcome to the world to me… trying to ignore the idiot that delivered me. Fuck him.

But Sweden has hurt me all my life… people try to kill me… I have lived in misery for so long. Sweden continues to abuse me, not giving me my exams… they want me dead…

I almost did kill myself… when I stood up there, two decades ago… I almost jumped already back then… Sweden has and continues to abuse me. Everywhere… Sweden always hated me. The population of Sweden always hated me… Sweden hates poor people struggling… Sweden hates me. Always hated me. I am sorry for living. I am sorry for me being alive. Sweden always wanted me dead. Sweden deserves bad karma.

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