Won’t dance

I don’t dance according to others. (Jag dansar inte efter andras visselpipa och kommer aldrig göra det). I do my thing. I don’t care about you. Fuck off the drugs. I don’t want ’em online. Fuck the drugs. Live happily ever after without any drugs. I am not included in happily ever after, just so you know, since I am already married. I am not available for neither marriage or work for any of the fools out there. I already am working. I am busy enough as it is. So let me be left alone. I never needed any of you, never have. I just use dumb fuck’s that do drugs online and are dumb fuck’s that are bias to change the world politics with the help of ART… So fuck off with suggestions of what I should do and not do. I do whatever I want. Fuck off me. You may do as I say, be my slave and fuck off the drugs. Please me. You know who you are. I will bother all drug promoters and bias men and women for the rest of my life on Earth. That is a promise. I am my own one man army online. Live with it. Your solution to that is to delete all your drugs online and to do norm critic before you publish, to increase equality between genders and something that doesn’t exist — races.

You ended up being used because you where dumb enough to be bias or use drugs online. You design this literature piece by how dumb you are. You only get what you deserve. It is all your own karma, just coming back to you.

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