Rihanna promotes drugs in her music videos

Many times Rihanna has glamorized smoking in her videos. I wonder if she is sponsored by a cigarette company? Drugs cause a lot of harm to our bodies. Smoking is a drug that affects you, friends, relatives and strangers. You are contributing to killing them softly by your smoking, since it causes cells to mutate and that can cause cancer.

It is not a pretty sight so watch someone die because they smoked themselves to cancer. Rihanna promotes drugs each time she shows them glamoured in her music videos. This can make you think it is normal to smoke, even though it isn’t. It is a drug that increases your risk of getting cancer.

When you smoke your lungs turn grey, they mutate and your pink fresh color is gone. You can get cancer, KOL and other serious illnesses from smoking. Passive smoking can give the same affects from your smoking. If you are a parent or partner and you truly madly love your family, then you quit the smoking.

So Rihanna using drugs in her videos indicates to us, she isn’t interested in your wellbeing. Because if she cared about you, her fan club, I think it would be fair to say she wouldn’t subject you to drugs. If she wants you to stay away from drugs, she shouldn’t promote them.

I think you, as her fan club, should tell her that she does wrong and it is not okay. Smoking makes people with allergies, asthma and other lung problems sicker. But Rihanna doesn’t care about that. It is more important to promote her image. She makes smoking “cool”, even though it is just overall sad. Help Rihanna understand she can start caring about other’s too and not put her ego first. She can quit smoking in social media and music videos. That could give less addicts and make smoking seem less “normal”, because it is really a sickness and not something that gives you quality of life.

So help me #DetoxInternet from idols using drugs online. Help them understand they are the ones promoting sickness to their fans by showing drugs in social media. Doing that is not caring about the fans.

Tweet and send emails to your government to get drugs on online images forbidden. Save tomorrows children from harm by drugs. What is the point of “Smoking kills” signs on packages when they are not on music videos? Help me make her and all others illegal by getting a new law in your country that makes it illegal to promote drugs online.

WARNING THIS VIDEO below contains drugs. Don’t do drugs! This is a musick video. (Sick music video = musick)