Someone that stalks me really wants me to quit

Someone that stalks me online really wants me to quit my jobs. It wants me to password protect articles. Go and fuck off! It wants me to write about stuff. I never have listened to the bitch. I only do things I wanna do in the end. I work 100%. I completed the semester last year. I will complete this semester also. I will work and do my best. I will write on Internet what I think. Politics end up here & on Twitter. So far everything has worked as it should at work. I won’t quit any job because some idiot online wants me to. Fuck off. Keep your insanity to yourself. Idiot. Don’t want you in my life. So get out and don’t ever come back. You fucking moron. Tired of you stalking me and making all these idiot remarks. Go. Today. Now.

As a parent I need to pay the bills. That means I have to work. All non millionaire’s that want to live in a house or apartment that costs money have to work. I do not have enough money in the bank to be able to “not work”. I am a worker. A worker needs to work to pay the bills, earn money and so forth. With money I and my family can have a life. We can eat, sleep and live. Me and my married partner both work and earn a living and will continue to do so. It doesn’t matter what a stalker online wants. I have very seldom been full-time unemployed. I am 100% worker since summer last year. Before that I was a student that worked part-time or did practise periods and studies. I work, even when I don’t like my employers. I just work, because I have to work. There is a fine line though before I change an employer. But I always do the work. I don’t quit when I need the money. I need money to sustain. I have worked at least part-time most of my life since I was a teenager. I have had an income each year from I was 13. Full-time and more, when I could. Right now I work full-time. I will continue to do so. I don’t fucking care what you think. You annoy me. You are a stalker and I want you to fuck off. Don’t come back to my blog. Keep your besserwisser ideas to yourself. You are insane and obsessed. Get your own life and stop obsessing about mine. You are a moron, idiot and I want you to vanish from this blog, you fucking stalker. I wish the stalker unhappy thoughts, misery and sickness. Go. You are not worth consuming my time on Earth.

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