January 2018 home exam anxiety

 I’ve been doing the home exam this Saturday. I am nowhere near being finished. I have two home exams in this subject. As well as another home exam in another subject and a smaller home exam task in another subject. No hurry on one. The other one… I think I can do later. But this one needs to be done this weekend. Then I have re-exams in two. I am so not up for it. It is so fucking boring to be stuck on the same exam many times. This is the second time with this weekend’s exam. I am so outerly bored.
I have to read for really boring history books. I have already done this exam once before and a class room exam that is similar to this one and failed them both before… I need it for my teacher’s license. As long as I don’t finish it there will not be any teacher’s license for me. Not a permanent job as a teacher… it is very unfortunate that it all comes back to this terrible history exam. I cannot motivate myself to do. It is the most boring exams ever.
So four history books have to be handled. Four questions. Two exams in total. Boring. Needed. I wish I could have my teacher’s license without this exam. I wish I could…