HM stores attacked in South Africa for fashion mistake

Economic freedom fighters have attacked HM’s stores in South Africa, according to Aftonbladet. EFF in South Africa was formed by Julius Malema. They proclaim to want to give better housing, welfare, salaries and such. They want minerals to be owned by the state. They don’t want capitalism to take advantage of people as cheap labour. They support getting back the death penalty. They are so called socialists. They are in the ruling parliament. (Wikipedia)
Why don’t they just protest? Why all the demolition? I think it’s wrong to vandalise. That is not to show respect to mother nature. I think they should have demonstrated or done something to show their thoughts i.e. a performance outside. They should use non violent methods to change the world, they did it all wrong. Violence is just wrong.
Violence was very close at hand, considering how the apartheid used violence to control the colored population in the past. In a apartheid regime it is not that strange that this is how they react. The future generations need other tools to express themselves. Violence might be in the past, but that is not the future. Give art to all tomorrows children, so they get other ways to express themselves to the world than violence and disrespect for everything on our planet.
I suggest that everyone goes to a HM store and plays an ape by walking as one and making an ape face. I think that is enough.
HM should perhaps listen more carefully to knowledge in the future. Have skills from all nations they are located in. When I worked in IT we always investigated the area we where going to launch in. Testing was done by professionals in each area. Just saying. HM should think of all these things before launching in different cultures.
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