January 2018 home exams

I am doing my January 2018 home exams this weekend. This is the most important exams this year, if my university does grant me to replace my other exams with this course, then I could become a teacher for real. That means getting a teacher’s licence in fact. I only have this one exam to get my teacher’s license. However, if they will grant replacement? That remains to be seen. I never know. They couldn’t give me a hint prior to taking this course, I am just doing it with high hopes of them granting it for me. But I don’t know if they will. I hope. You will just have to ride along with me and see where it all takes me.
As long as I don’t have the teacher’s license, well, that is how long I will be teaching without it and never be able to have a permanent job in a Swedish school, since the law forbids them to hire me as a teacher for a permanent position. However I can still get a job in a school as a pedagogic assistant of some sort. But I wanna work with my education, it pays more. In Stockholm nothing is free really. So I am stuck in the temping field as long as this final exam is not approved and replaced.
So keep your thumbs crossed that I manage this exam during this weekend and that my university does grant me to replace the other course with this one. Afterall, it is the same content and the same books… even the same teacher… sometimes… the administration is just too much… hoping for the best.
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