Travelling day

I have travelled today. 6h in car actually, then work on top of that and a seminar. Now it’s over, I am finally home. I was really tired driving from work to the university city where I have studied during the autumn. I had to buy suger and coffein. So I bought a Coca Cola, it goes against my diet, but the alternative was for me to be in a ditch, because I would have fallen asleep at the wheels. So I gave up the diet for one day. Well, back on it again tomorrow.

The food is cheap, but not free at work, but really cheap. It is so cheap that I won’t even bother to stay what symbolic amount I pay each month. They also have food locally produced and they also try to have long lasting feeling of feeling full, that way you don’t go hungry. It is new food for me, but I eat what they give. It’s been fine food all week.

Well. So it has been a travelling day and also I got to meet the first classes, seniors and those in between. Some that didn’t have class came and asked me if I was the new teacher and so on, so they are a curious bunch of teenagers. Well. I had good classes, one was a little bit to chaotic for me. I maybe have to try different methods with that class. Otherwise everything was just fine and a relaxed mode was on all day.

On my lunch break I took 15 minutes in the massage chair. Awesome that they have that. I have had it at two of my practise periods and I do like it. It gives my old back some health back. I will surely use it when I have time.

I have a seminar task to do. I had totally missed that it was supposed to be handed in today. I’ll do it this weekend. It’s just a 2 page story. Well. I also have to make a report. Then I have to redo my action research. I am actually doing it right now. I take notes after each class.

Well. My days go by. I am working. It feels good. My new boss is different in leadership than my other boss was. We got a book this week. We are all supposed to read it. I have actually been asking for this type of discussions on my blogs/tweets. Well. So I guess this boss does that. Thanks. Well. I have free parking at work. That’s good, since I have to pay car toll each day.

Well. I am finally home and I have to go to bed soon, just to keep up my good work.

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